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Fantasy Fly Away Reality Check

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 7, 2010
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It’s a trip that you have a complete life in Oklahoma and I am tired and struggling against becoming immobile.  My concrete feet stuck here since I have fallen into the string of sunny days. Without movement, I will have difficulty sleeping so I use my stationary bike.

We are in different age groups but you have brains or are you brilliant, which is it? One of the funny things my friend did this evening was to Google Gertrude Stein and start reading her sentences…, which, she tells me, are as indiscernible as my scribbles.

The other weird thing she did was post about a book on my blog as though I had written it. I had to struggle with her to post at least one of the sections that I actually wrote for the book. Anyhow I guess I get pushed around by people as though I am a soft undulating double’s’ image of the real me.  I am a gummy animal in the grown up colors of your choice.

Am I the architect of my own self-deception?

Lately I have been running away from most people.  People I know live by a few sentences: ‘What is in it for me’, ‘I do not care’, ‘Why should I care’.

That is what is so good about low frequency communication here. In spite of the fact that I am waiting for a man, one who is nice, honest, longing to please and really available to arrive on my interest screen. If the infinite universe thinks, it is sufficient time between this moment and all those in the box of past and the energy to move on into the fresh and refreshing future.

I have eight boxes from my various moves. Somehow, I think that when I get all that sorted the universe will point an angel in my direction. It is a practice talking with you. Are you practicing too? Tell me how your day goes, went… was will be.


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