Rewiring the System

Sunday in the Park!

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 7, 2010
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An open heart and closed mind are mutually exclusive.   – DGR

Without meditation, there is no path along which to travel in the tangled forests teeming with life. What is important as I sit here in my living room? Listening song and twittering of the various birds I remember that I should get up and fill the feeder outside my window. I buy the Songbird Mix in ten-pound bags to store in an aluminum tall tin under the end table at the end of the davenport. Regional vocabulary might call it a sofa just as denim pants could be called dungarees or jeans depending on what side of the generational line from where you blossomed.

What if people ate the same thing every day at around the same time?  Do you worry about your dog eating the same thing every day?

Here in America, from what I observe, from my clean and capable position, most people feed their dogs in this manner. What if people fed themselves as they feed their dogs?  Would it be like listening to the same music every day for the rest of our lives?  Music analogy is very wonderful and certainly ‘food for thought’.  Right now, I still love ‘The’ classics as well as the modern classics, Bach, Mozart, and Antonín Leopold Dvořák as well as Lady Gaga. Musicians are concerned with the natural beats of the human heart!

Someone I know from a meditation group that meets in my apartment on Tuesdays at seven said to me, ‘Can you find happiness in failure?’ I will take these words to heart and spin out as I settle the score with the thoughts that hold me down. There is no life without a regular meditation practice. Unlike feeding a dog the same thing every day, meditation anchors a consciousness and serves to clear the mental and musical dust bags first for oneself and gradually for others. In the yearly tug-of-war between winter and spring, spring always wins.

Now I am ready to get the blackberry to function.  Perhaps a daily phone call to tech support at AT&T will wake AT&T up to my lack of service so that I can use this hunk of smart phone.? A normal person would throw them out but I know there is one or two more important things in the dross.

Are there any people reading this blog who are having the Paperweight Effect of service with AT&T?

Right now I have to put my time to good use since I can choose to focus on projects,  I will take my life to heart and spin out the thoughts that hold me down.


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