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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 8, 2010
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“True greatness consists in the use of a powerful understanding to enlighten oneself and others.”    – Voltaire

All the meditation and the sincere searching for self-knowledge is not a singular event just about you.  Meditation that contact with the true path to the immaterial spark is a powerful tool.  I am not referring to the tumbling of laundry list of events or general relative contemplation (about what to do or how to function in this or that situation) as the key to progress.  Sitting and thinking about a relationship is not meditation. By ‘progress’, I mean to highlight steps in the unseen world of thought and thoughtlessness. Meditation is a shift in the way our electrical nervous system moves energy, which inspires simplicity and clarity of the meaning of life, as well as our part in creating our every day actions and emotions.

I will share a real current problem of mine. It may be a lifelong problem. I have a resistance to simplicity.  I have too much stuff.  I do not have the hording illness that is part of more than a hundred thousand people living in America. Hording is a function of never throwing anything out combined with compulsive shopping.  Holding on to stuff is not a way of keeping memories alive. Compulsive shopping is not a form of physical exercise. I learned about this ‘madness and mayhem’ from a TV Show called Clean House. An amazing show digs under the stuffed life style to expose a real mental illness that is gripping one in twenty Americans.

Watching family after family hording, more stuff than anyone could use and enjoy in a lifetime has been an amazing revelation.  I have notes that I have not turned into a digital record. I still have the seven years of paper notes in notebooks stored in boxes. The notes are about how to use the meditation process to gain insight into one self as we are linked to the web of life.

The past week I have spent part of everyday going through the papers.


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