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6.9 after shock!

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 12, 2010
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For you’al  few whose nervous systems are not over stimulated by the earth moving under your feet, here is the information about  todays event and The After Shocks.

The National Geographic confirms ( ), that the city nearest the the big 8.8 moved the crust of the surface 10 feet.

The series of events since Katrina Hurricane 4 years ago have caused such devastation on a global scale. I go back to the thought that the way we treat one another and the way we think as we go through our every day actions creates an electrical charge that might be pushing and pulling our earthly crust.

What you are thinking!  I was in a group discussion earlier today. One of the woman wondered what being inthe present moment meant.  No matter how hard she tried to understand how to be present and relax in what she had found in literature as being in the moment and how to actualize this possibility.  One person suggested that as she was finished brushing her teeth in the morning be totally focused on the water squishing around your mouth and tongue. She would feel the water in a new way and notice the entire process in a new way. You will notice the mundane taken for granted action as well as feel sensations that open up the moment as well as make you want to Be Here Now!

Turning this broader consciousness toward other activities  of your choice will refresh your  your life and cleanse your thinking.  Let’s hope that a change of heart will save us and our planet for continued pulling and pushing of thought on form.

I have no idea why Chile is sufferening more than other parts of the world. I do believe in the power of positive thinking!

Small globe showing earthquakeSmall map showing earthquake

The Chile earthquakes of March 11, 2010, 14:39 UTC and 14:55 UTC, occurred in the region of the plate boundary between the Nazca and South America plates, in the aftershock region of the great Chile earthquake of February 27, 2010. The March 11 earthquakes almost certainly occurred as the result of the change of regional stress caused by the February 27 earthquake. Preliminary analyses of their locations and seismic-wave radiation patterns, however, imply that the March 11 shocks occurred as the result of normal faulting within the subducting Nazca plate or the overriding South America plate, unlike the February 27 earthquake, which occurred as thrust faulting on the interface between the two plates. At present, the focal depths of the shocks are not known with sufficient precision to confidently determine within which of the Nazca or South America plate the earthquakes occurred.

Earthquake Information for Chile


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