Rewiring the System

My Resume

I am open to and opening up this possibility as I look toward welcoming a  job  and job opportunities.  This posting on my blog, is an attempt to contact a network of people, who would know of a situation or private client where I can serve.

I am sincerely looking to be present for those in need of a warm hearted spiritual counselor.  I have a clear mind, a good heart, and a supportive hand.  Our talking together will bring the kind of support each person needs to enforce inner strength, productivity, and grace in action. We all need somebody to trust and talk with, dream together, and make manifest  the best possible solutions to our individual needs, family relations, and events in and outside the perimeter of business .  Together we will create time where we will visit suffering as little dilemmas and  big ticket items, moving to locate the good in the problem and unknit the puzzle.  In a new plan, we will move forward in our striving for inner peace and delight in life.



OBJECTIVE: Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Companion

Director of the ‘Institute for Rewiring the System’, nondenominational Center for study and practice Developed the “Gym for the Brain” system for self knowledge.  Published: Breathing and Other of Life’s Little Secrets.  Counsel individuals and coach them through life transition. Teach non-denominational meditation. Extensive experience in program development and delivery of services. Twenty-five years study of all the Major Religions. Taught anger management and the effect of stress on nervous system. Introduced improved productivity through group dynamics. Lead Psychodrama groups. Effective and dependable presenter and councilor


Present – Ongoing: Spiritual Advisor

  • 2008-2009 Speaker at international BIL conference
  • 2005-2008 Present productivity plans at regional gathering
  • 2003-2009 Greif Counseling private clients
  • 2001 September. Meditation Center Staff, Omega Institute, Reinbeck NY
  • 2001-2008 Personal Companion and end of life counselor
  • 2000 Produced and lead Playfulness Strategies for success
  • 2002 Productivity Counselor and Teacher: Oakland One Stop Career Center. In service for entire staff. Productivity through spiritual practices. Translating non-religious spiritual practices into life
  • 1999-2000 Meditation Club Director/Teacher, George School, Newtown PA
  • 1997-1999 Meditation Teacher, Birdsong Center, Warwick PA,
  • 1997 Ongoing Meditation Instructor. Various locations around the United States. Middle Way Basic Exercises Breathing and Sitting Practice. Have all the Highest Empowerments and practices
  • 2001-2002 Guest Commentator for Buddhist radio program, Orange County CA
  • 1976-1999 Journalists, Viewpoint, Hopewell Valley News, Princeton Packet and Phoenix.
  • Writing Samples on request
  • Co-developed with Dr. Margaret Tsaltus and taught underachieving students to excel
  • Developed and taught ‘Creative Conceptual Conjecture’ class for the Parkway Program High school. They invited me to the Facebook page: Parkway Program


  • 2001-2006: Information Desk Service for BayCon Conference, San Jose CA
  • 1998,1999, 2000 and 2002 Courtesy Staff at His Holiness the Dalai Lama Teachings in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Pasadena
  • 1989- 1999 Attendant and Driver for Visiting Dignitaries and Lama’s
  • 1998 Motivation Speaker, Mensa lectures in Philadelphia and San Francisco
  • 1980 Panelist Whole Ecology Conference
  • 1976 Staff for First Earth Day in Philadelphia


  • End of Life Training, Zen Hospice Project, Jennifer Block, November 2009, San Francisco CA
  • Creating Circles of Consciousness, P.S.R. Summer 2008, Berkeley CA
    • M.A. Losang Samtem Buddhist Theology ,  2008
    • B.A., English and Painting, Tyler School at Temple University
    • B.S., Education, Temple University, Philadelphia PA
    • Coursework credits in PhD program Psychology, Moreno Institute NYU
    • Coursework credits Alameda College, Alameda CA
    • Coursework credits Financial Management, Community Accountants, Drexel University, Philadelphia Pa
    • Coursework credits in Masters program, Ceramics, Philadelphia College of Art, Philadelphia PA
    • Coursework Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley CA

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