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A Single Tasker: Urban Word Of The Day

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singletasker: Urban Word Of The Dat

Opposite of multitasker, a singletasker is one who only takes upon one task at a time, and follows it through to completion. Often used sardonically when someone is bragging about their supreme multitasking skills.

Bobby: “Today I’m only going to focus on finishing my reports and not to answer the phone, email, text, IM, staple, and make breakfast simultaneously.”

Jeffy: “You are such the singletasker!”

Bobby: “I can’t even respond to you at this time, because then I’d be multitasking.”

Funny, how every so often,  the internet distributing email,  provides a mirror to make me laugh at myself. Today I have spring fever at such a pitch that any other thought and especially my real responsibilities are weighted as Sisyphus striving up the passionate piling of possibilities.  Fever Pitched sensations both inside me and every move or contact with my skin, I am wanting just one touch from one particular man to push me out of this intense hellish heat.  I hear the music of Pink Floyd!

(“Sysyphus” is an avant-garde, instrumental four part suite written by psychedelic rock bandPink Floyd‘s keyboardist Richard Wright. The song is featured on his portion of the studio half of Ummagumma (and is the song that opens the studio album). The track was occasionally performed live in 1970.

Richard Wright’s instrumental was named after a character in Greek mythology, usually spelled “Sisyphus“.[1] Orthographic differences aside, the song is a musical interpretation of the Sisyphean challenge. Wright’s portrayal of Sisyphus pushing the rock up a steep hill in Hades is evident in the slow almost droning parts of the song. Wiki reprint)

There are things that people can do together as the face of the golden sun raises its angle to our globe and globes. The Chinese have a spring blessing:


Earth wears

A new fine

Silk Dress

Wish You Wealth and Prosperity

Good Luck , Good Fortune

and your Work

Will be Prosperous

Spring is an event when we are stepping up to renewing Life. I am stepping up to the magnetism of a fine real partner in a place where all the golden sun flakes settle all around. I feel a Victorian tension and might reflect Edith Wharton as I struggle with this new chemical bubbling.  I feel an authentic chemical energy as never before! Is this intense for you too?  Have I been chemically asleep all the past springs of my life? I am wondering if this intense chemistry is circulating in the local ethos, the nation, all nations, and perhaps throughout all ‘sentient’ beings included in this dance of the genders? Singularity be dammed!

I have a tickle and touch my cheek, I reach up to my face to smooth away the concentrated thought presenting as an itch and find all of my skin  down to my toes shivering! How can I get anything done today?  Only with Pink Floyd, (How and where will I get the Boot Leg Live performance?),  in the power sonic position  filling me through my ears will I manage.  The song is making all the strangers, and had been strangers really move to find the hole in the wall which we can pass through to touch one another with grace. Flowing good feelings for myself and for those who I love and for all the people and that special person who I have yet to love , I send this heart song.

Disturbing Spring Fever!


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