Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 23, 2010

Why Meditate


Metaphysics of martyrdom, which is an reasonable reference to a killing people conversation I had today. Killing is delivered as a seemingly spiritual imperative. It is ‘their way’ is the only way. This tinderbox of wrong behaviors is in danger of being ignited by bad emotions. It is the danger that surrounds us.

I feel we are now living as though all ‘Hope Is Flickering on the Edge of Extinction’.  Our Extinction is now in the cross hairs as people behave just like ostriches in the face of this impending danger. So many people believe that there is no ‘sting in death’. That the way we live, love, bathe, feed, fun, and treat one another as we make demands on others rather than take responsibility for the problems in the right here and right now.

Christian holy rollers and all the Jihadists are not listening or caring about our globe.  Buddhists feel the experience and sit and work on the way they behave in all ways which will bring a positive change in their life in their understanding and most important in their hearts. Are we all going to die at the hand of a true believer?

… I have so much to learn.  Frankly, the intense political loud conversations make me feel that Human Extinction is on the Horizon. The murders are people who feel there is no spiritual sting to death that they will get paradise as a return for living their beliefs. As do the Islamic fundamentalists who before they do a mass killing specially wrap their genitals so they will be ready for the 72 virgins.  Give me a break it is completely psycho!

This is definitely, why I have real trouble with the whole god thing.  Whose God is this? The people who are loudest about god behave in completely godless ways! Including blasphemy! I need a way to keep the intensity of self-serving non loving your neighbor verbiage off the pages of my precious 24 hours every day.

I meditate several times every day.  Meditation allows every person starting with me to heal and move in the world with grace and joy for people. This grace includes speaking with respect with gratitude for the wonderful truth of our quality of life! Meditation is a chance to WAKE UP to reality. We are in the stardust pull of the algorithm of quantum mechanics. Waking up to the constant change of the solar system being pulled into a section of the sky where we have never been before facing life that is new and in new territory.

The believers in the anthropomorphized deity now challenge life itself!


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