Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 25, 2010

Charles MuscatineCharles Muscatine (Courtesy the Muscatine family)
Charles Muscatine, a UC Berkeley professor emeritus of English, a scholar of Chaucer and medieval literature, and an educational reformer known for refusing to sign a state loyalty oath during the McCarthy era, died of an infection in Oakland on Friday, March 12.  He was 89.

I always Loved Chaucer. It delight my mind and warmed my heart as I steped on the path to the holy grail without a shower or soap to wash my precious body.  The Chaucer group I belonged to in college were the most interesting lively group of thinkers  on campus. They had real feelings and talked about everything and listened with grace. It must have been the trip to Jerusalem to meet the Knights Templar that made them all so very nice.  I learned what the word Green Sleeves was from that group. The rhyhm and meter reminds me to this day of Charles Mingus! Bring on the beat!


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