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Emotional Distance Is Not A Crime

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 26, 2010
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Emotional Distance Is Not A Crime
Physical Distance Is Pain Itself

“Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.”

I just have the tremors of Spring Fever. Are you feeling the tremors? Tinsel tremors like the singular sliver stuff hanging on a holiday tree that moves with the slightest breath describes my nerves. Is the earth moving under your feet inside your skin too? The sap, long dormant, in my very root, has been pulled up by a far far away opposite gender heavily testosterone identified being. He has no real idea of just how crazy he has made me since he stirred my feelings and juices. Have you had your juices stirred this week? Yea, no one can make you feel anything that you are not partner to and accepting as well as doing. Never the less I feel pulled as though by a western bad boy’s lasso. His rope is so gossamer as to be in perceptible to any but the most sensitive.. His vibrating verve, he constructed by pulsing free electrons from that place in the stellar Homunculus that would make Newton proud that his most mystical mathematics are working, now and forever.
The stardust coalesced. He is using his life force as he roped my very dendrites and I am only able to feel the pull and its incumbent shortness of breath. How could I do other than relax and not resist the pull. The physical pain of longing for one special touch demands that I put this tautness into words. You know that I am smelling like a rose as you plough through my natural garden.
You have worked your way into my consciousness and no one knows. No one knows you, or how you wafted into my heart on a rose scented vapor from the southern reaches of the Bible belted together, you and me. The most painful part is the question; can another human being ever know any other person? I am smelling like a rose as I find part of my being stretched out on my deathbed. My truth is that part of myself has to be dead and buried to make space for you to fill. My transformation and birth is blossoming in this spring heat. It is a birthday yet to be celebrated.

I face, as if for the first time, that caring, this caring is built on trust. I have to trust you just as the best and the most wonderful relationships are all built on UN nerving trust in self and other. I am woman in the passive position enjoying this passive power of gender. Passive Voice in Heavy Metal! I am rocking inside, to a timeless timber to the sparks held since time immemorial within these seemingly unmoving rocks. I am surprised by the intensity of the feelings I am having. What a love song. I am unraveled. I want to know that soft touch of your hand that will bring our skin in thrilling tender contact. My nipples are reaching for your hand.
Spring Fever is making people all around our globe shiver in hormone craziness flowing out, propelled by formal and informal thoughts to encompass the sandy lips of mother earth next to where the rivers of crystal structured metals flow. Molten Madness!


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