Rewiring the System

Contact In Small Steps

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 27, 2010
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“Loving science, poetry, and meditation; we are illuminated by sunlight, moonlight, and candlelight; and yet we ponder the optics of the immaterial.
Great to be connected!”
We, who strive for understanding, of our own contact with the immaterial, should reach out to one another and bring in the harmonic flow of the true electrical Love. This is what our heart beat represents in form.
Who said that form follows function?
I have been thinking about small steps in sunlight and moon light and in the actions right here and right now for the many ways people can get in touch with what can heal them all by themselves from the inside.
I have been trying to think about how to communicate the construction of the inner non material channel of light which surrounds our spinal column, that is our individual less dense aspect.
It is not so personal and special because everyone has such a fixture within his/hers/our being. Some people have it naturally activated. Others have to work on igniting this activation and others strive daily to keep this channel opened and operating for their own good and for the service to their family, community and the whole Earth.
How do I give a map of the fact that this channel goes up from the crown of each of our heads up beyond the stratosphere that is our giving and receiving beacon to the guardians who are trying to have a way into and past accumulated negativity of thought, speech, and action. How can I help people realize that this channel goes out through the tail bone and out the bottoms of the feet into the earth traveling like a nervous system to blast into the very core of our container of molten beginnings.
From this upward and downward explanation point we get both clouds and concentrations of sparkling gems. The bad thoughts, words and actions flow like a smog around each of us and our homes and cities. By what I call “going to the gym for the mind” we can, each of us, exercise our brain muscle bringing clarity and poise and happiness to our life.
Send me your queries and questions so I can piece together a useful process that can be useful and not liturgical.


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