Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 28, 2010
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Today I was thinking about the terrible way people make themselves feel. A bad sound track tape rewind playing self-demeaning stories that may or may not actually be truth or the way they play in your head. So many have such deep sadness in their hearts. It clouds the glint in their eyes I sat listening to the shit coming out of the mouths of people today and wondering if they had eaten any of the current ‘The Human Hair Additive in Your Food’ in this weeks in Mother Jones: For his recent Mother Jones story on the origins of the “remy” hair used in high-end wigs and extensions worthy of Lady Gaga, Scott Carney sacrificed his own locks to a Hindu temple, but explained that clippings from short hair like his are used mainly as fertilizer or source material for a ubiquitous food additive called L-cysteine (L-cys for short). This amino acid, which gives hair its strength, also gives Noah’s bagels their bounce, puts the softness in Tastykakes, and imparts mom-made freshness to Lunchables. Hair is a meat flavor enhancer and an expectorant, too—and has even turned up on a list of cigarette additives.
I imagined, reading about hair in food, that the ruminant ribbons of ridiculousness going round and around from mind to mind skipping into a body going in when the words went out then turned and return more tacky to work down the esophagus to slide out thru the anus and each hair can be pulled out leaving the good for you part of the shaft in the body to meld and blend with the host body. Then the not dissolved shaft can be removed. Index finger and thumb firmly pinched together with a slight slow yank to remove the ingested hair! Sit on the Toilet and reach back to pull out the hair. This is something for me to think about before I buy any Chinese hair additives. If someone ‘gifts me with one of the promenaded products I will be prepared to pull the loose hairs manually out of the end of my butt. Do we each have weird movies run in and out of our minds things to think about when conversations are really boring and droll?


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