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Who Is The “I” Anyway?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 28, 2010
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“I” Think therefore “I” Am, touted Descartes to the hungry masses! Tic Tic Tock emphasis on the movement of time in the age of clockwork discovery.

The French revolution tried to unite human actions with human caring at a time when people had not discovered indoor plumbing! Reverence meant unthinking loyalty to a person who controlled their survival. Wrap your mind around a life without all the things we on the internet in the western world take for granted!

A powerful shift in consciousness is occurring in every corner of the world. This shift is beyond any political stripe.
Descartes rejects the analysis of corporeal substance into matter and form so he would not find truth in the solar system being pushed by space particles into infinity with time being a consensual habit. Second, he rejects any appeal to ‘ends’ —divine or natural—in explaining natural phenomena. His ideas about our actions, all our human actions, as having an effect on our individual being and life, seemed preposterous. Life that moved around one sun was predestined by the tic tacky tock of a great male being that we could not affect in any way. We are the windup toys of the emotional old man with bad temper and bad breath.
In Descartes system, which is currently classified under theology, he insists on the absolute freedom of God’s act of creation. Thanks to Wikipedia I can include this snip: As the inventor of the Cartesian coordinate system, Descartes founded analytic geometry, the bridge between algebra and geometry, crucial to the discovery of infinitesimal calculus and analysis. He is best known for the philosophical statement “Cogito ergo sum” (French: Je pense, donc je suis;English: I think, therefore I am; or I am thinking, therefore I exist), found in part IV of Discourse on the Method (1637 – written in French but with inclusion of “Cogito ergo sum”) and §7 of part I of Principles of Philosophy (1644 – written in Latin).

I see a hunger toward the ‘Platonist’ view of holiness and creation as radically different from Descartes and his predecessor or his followers. Plato lectured at the Academy that he founded on the broadening of the consciousness and the refinement of people. Plato shows how to seek the heart spark since this is the being inside of each and every human, from the lowest of the donkey cart drivers to the leaders. This ability to broaden your consciousness he espoused is what is possible including you and me.

Now we have yet another judgmental tyranny. It is the hierarchical I am better than you are because I meditate, however I manage to practice what I have become used to from one meaning, and these people don’t. I take a care of how I do this or that. In other words, most of the people I meet are all about themselves. What is ‘in it’ for me!
Oh MY!! THESE People are WE and US! We are they who are us!
There are foreign words that are more varied in meaning to be used as a set of stairs toward greater understanding one-step at a time. Many years of stubborn work of self-purification and self-development will be required.

One such word is Samsara.
Samsara is built by the flux of our thinking our actions and words… everything is Samsara until we wake up.
Samsara, is the cycle of birth,death and rebirth (i.e. reincarnation). Colloquially, “Samsara” can also refer to a general state of overt or subtle sufferings that occur in day to day life.
According to religions, one’s karmic”account balance” at the time of death is inherited via the state at which a person is reborn. During the course of each worldly life, actions committed (for good or ill) determine the future destiny of each being in the process of becoming (evolution or devolution)
So the good question is what is waking up? it isn’t nirvana certainly since nirvana and samsara are part of the same structure like our right hand and our left hand… so waking up must be LOVE to love one another from each and every, the very nano second in every aspect of incoming and outgoing information. Every choice is a path either the easy non thinking one or the one less traveled. Every Instant is a chance to choose. Love Is All Around!
Here is one powerful sound track:
“Voodoo Chile” by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


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