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Strong Sun Spot Activity Links With Negative Thoughts To Create Brown Smog People

The magnetic quality of negative thought to attract disruptions in our personal lives, the lives of friends and family and the living life force of our plant is evident as it is played out during times when the explosive sunspots are pointed toward our planet. This particle charge is pushed by the explosion of the flare which envelopes our planet in a saturated pear shaped thick electrical envelope. Satellite communication is affected, as is the movement of Earthly communication.
People wonder why some days are just such a drag. You might feel like you are dragging a heavy bag of burdensome thoughts and feelings into every conversation. On the other hand, just sitting by yourself the shadow of some not exactly nameable sadness overcomes your thoughts.
The idea that we are participating with the flow of energy in space might be too broad a brush to sweep ‘reality’ into your consciousness, but here we are.
The Beatles way back in the 1970 sang, ‘you are what you eat’. Now the song is ‘you are what you think.’
Negative thoughts are being pumped out of the explosions in the gray and white matter between your ears, which collects around your head. These bad thoughts are like bad breath just one density above the physical. You all understand that bad breath is very often a function of poor internal health as well as incorrect dental care. Bad breath is the putt putts from the colonies of bacteria living in slime hotels, called plaque, around your teeth.
There are actual times when a magnetic connection moves into relationship from the personal or groups of like-minded negative thinkers and the surrounding flow of particle electrical physics. In science, I have heard tell that Like Attracts Like.
This week is one of those times. The collected road rage or other angry do loops of some small irritation attracts the powerful electric charges and ‘makes’ people seem more crazy than usual. The truth is that each of us can take a personal stand against this negative attraction. Use the most potent power of love and opened hearted relations toward one another and you will put up your own Lead Shield against the Big Brown Cloud of Mental and Emotional Smog.
Here is a little visualization that can help you start to understand and use the shield of Love. Your spine is the starting line of defense. Sit up tall. It is as easy as moving your elbows to your back midpoint of your trunk. The simple movement of your elbows gives you better posture for clear thinking. Now imagine that your spine is surrounded in shimmering light. This light is encased in a straw like column. It starts first at the base of your spine and rises up through the crown of your head. When you breathe air in bad dust and tar of collected wrongs slid out your bottom expelled from your back being forced out by the concentrated unison of thought and breathing. Imagine the shimmering light not contaminated by the baggage. It functions as a conduit like a roadway for the crap to travel out of you and into the earth. When your spiritual effluent flows into the earth, it sinks deeper and deeper eventually being compressed by the internal fires of the earth and the profound pressures exerted by the travel through space and our galaxy. The compression manufactures veins of crystalline structures that become metals or gems with the passage of time. Imagine you are giving your baggage to the Mother Earth and she turns it into beauty. This is a peace thru beauty that makes you feel good that you are participating in the good and true act of creation.
With the in-breath you allow the energy of the Light to flow and fill all the spaces that formerly held your collected garbage and opinions about your past, others pasts, and the pasts that are none of your business.
Now you are ready to open your heart completely to every person you meet along your travels. You can open your heart completely with simple compassion for his or her situation as it is with no fixing or reforming. You respect yourself and you are able to include others in your circle of respect.
Fill your tummy with air and relax. After a few breaths, you will feel your body disengage from the nervous tension you have accumulated to as your natural state. Now you have to choices. The tightly held state of readiness for contact and the soft natural breathing with whatever comes you way. You will have better relations of Every Sort!
As the sun continues to ramp up in activity after a long period in the doldrums, solar astronomers have been treated to an up-tick in sunspot numbers, solar prominences and flares.
Pictures can be seen at the Space Weather Site:
and now, radio astronomers have joined the fun, listening to the roar of a particularly “noisy” sunspot currently pointing in our direction.
Not all sunspots emit strong radio emissions, but sunspot 1057 certainly isn’t shy. As reported by, a radio astronomer in New Mexico received a mix of Type III and Type V radio emissions:
“It was sunspot 1057. All day long it had been producing small radio bursts around 21 MHz. Then, at 1813 UT, it let loose a big one. The burst only lasted a minute, but it saturated the radios.” –Thomas Ashcraft, radio astronomer.
But why are these radio bursts important? Primarily, they give solar physicists an idea about the extreme magnetic fields and plasma conditions inside sunspots. Sunspots are produced when vast magnetic fields push through the surface of the sun, pushing the uppermost layer of the sun’s body (the photosphere) away, exposing the cooler (thus darker) solar interior.
(“Cooler” is a misnomer, nothing on the sun can be termed “cool.” But when compared with the photospheric temperature of approximately 6,000 Kelvin, a sunspot interior can be as low as 3,000 Kelvin.)
As sunspots contain very intense magnetic fields, clouds of charged particles (plasma) are confined and injected along these fields. Often flares result, exciting electrons trapped in the plasma. As electrons accelerate (often to velocities close to the speed of light) and oscillate, they can generate intense radio waves.
Type III and Type V radio bursts are pretty much the same thing apart from differing periods; Type III emissions last for longer, whereas Type V’s are more bursty and associated with intense flare activity.
Besides what they are and how they are generated, the coolest thing about these radio events is how they sound: Listen to Thomas Ashcraft’s recording of the radio emissions from sunspot 1057 (sounds like the “whoosh” of a rainstorm hammering down on my shed roof).
If you want to become a solar radio astronomer too, NASA runs a program called Radio JOVE that will help you set up your own radio telescope for less than $200. I think I know what my next space project will be…
MORE: Find out how the sun impacts the Earth on a daily basis by following the Discovery News “Space Weather” feed.


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  1. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague
    who has been conducting a little research on this. And he actually bought me dinner simply because I stumbled upon it for him.
    .. lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the
    meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending the time to talk about
    this issue here on your site.

    • Sharing your smile is joyful and excellent.
      I certainly am willing and able to have a conversation with you two.

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