Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 8, 2010
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At midnight, for some systematic synaptic scurrying, I suddenly have the flow of words and images longing to be written on this page.
We were sitting at an eastern European café. The rage in and about life is a passion and not an anger for so many. Who does not have a deep understanding of doom? I see the constant decrepitude of my physical form and the myriad forms that make my/our life-scape. There is a small death at every moment and in every person forming from all his or her thoughtless thoughts
Every day, the bakers inside the kitchens, just off the main part of town down Shattuck Street, make a daily different display of delicate things for sale. Mondays fare will not be available on Friday.
I sat outside and waited for my flaky layers of almonds and rosewater in a round host sort of pastry to be readied. The chai has a silky smooth mouth feeling with no bitterness or strong aftertaste.
The woman in line waiting alongside my daughter for her order spoke out. It is unusual for strangers to talk about things that they pull out of the other person’s mind. Her bright orange oriental patterned layers of flowing fabric fluttered as she commented on the state of relationships of woman with their men. ‘Men are just different’, she said. ‘Women think that men are of the same species as woman but this is decidedly not the truth’. The late afternoon sun surrounded me as I watched her struggle in her heart, and with the dance of the genders.
A tactic is not a principle, many small steps happen within each big picture. I long for the long view as I notice every excuse for inaction doused with no confidence and shot through with blame directed by the force of useless guilt. Gender Identification brings with it the pain and joy that enters an opened heart. My heart is opened. My wish is that this woman can have an opened heart toward people both because her heart has been broken four times and that the brokenness lets in the most beautiful love to heal and restore intimacy.


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