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I Continue this story

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 11, 2010
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I continue this story:

There are no accidents! The Nameless young man with the taupe olive fedora was very comfortable in his body and confident when he started to share his thoughts. I tell him that the question of human communication I posed, as well as my interest in what he thought about being taken for granted came from a thread on a chat stream in Google Gmail called Buzz.
He asks me if I am a Buddhist! He says that such philosophic questions are the kind of precise thinking in the realm of people who meditate.

I say that meditation is done by every person of faith and more importantly meditation is practiced by the seemingly ‘unfaithed’. Meditation is focusing ones mind and letting all contemplation on the laundry list of thoughts, feelings, etc., spin down into where ever dross goes. The mind is just ‘still’ with no thoughts. Meditation is a mind in the lighted stream of life itself.

He continues to tell me that he attends a particular center for meditation at the top of a hill in our local community. He mentions that he goes for a while then takes a break and was thinking about going back for more group sitting. Talking with me awakened his interest in being with people who are interested in the ticking second hand of life.

Public transportation!
The amazing truth is that each of us, every single person, has a galaxy of stories spinning in sequence just waiting for another person to listen to just one sentence. This man filled out from the slumped traveler trying to get his hat to stay on his head into an Archangel. His energy changed. His body filled out and his stature became regal. He was carrying the key to the door where those who are not codependent travel. He has the key to gender communication!
His secret, was telling me that frank, sincere, and heart to heart conversation about any important personal fear, desire, and truth should happen face to face.
Wait until you are sitting with the person you want to talk with. Do not write a letter or share the tail of the truth on the telephone.
There is no success in confrontation.

How can I get across what I really need and want from you and us if I cannot see and hear your interaction with me? Perhaps you do not see me as I am and are incapable of giving me what I need.
There is a fire of life, which brought this man and I together for such a short time. His energetic delivery of a reality that he understands and can talk about so that even a confused sleep deprived stranger can understand is /was amazing. There are floods and there are dust, sand, and windstorms but the fire of truth clears the path!
I have gratitude and respect for every person I meet.


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