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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 11, 2010

I have been reading about the ‘Tea Party’ political copulation of populist tri-fecta groups story the New Yorker Mag. Of course the new yorker makes good story with enough space to decide for yourself just what these ‘upstarts’ are a aim’in to do. What ever the origins when the stock trader stormed the great lake lapping the shores of Chicago Browns stadium. sitting in front of me on the second row sat three men eating peanuts and beer as well at the end of my third row were a couple drinking beer and washing them with suds of the right choice. The article about the Tea Party Rally struct the writer that there was no need for a clean up crew. No trash no peanuts or a clutter of cups left on the rally on the grounds or on any of the roadways. They might not all be right wing republicans but a mix of the spectrum of political beliefs… but the more liberal tea baggers who will allow a woman to have complete control over her own life including her body seem to drop the peanut shells on the concrete floors. The different perspective brings a contrast of light and dark. The lighted aspect of the peanut symbol is that they do not stand in the way of giving a job to enough people to keep the square set aside for the political rally. The family at the end of my row at the baseball game, spewed the shells, did not think about the scraps .the next row up the man and their group carefully putting there shells in the empty tall clear corn compost beer drinking vessels
The tidy man thought that he would not like to have his trash uncared for and would not like the grounds to be cluttered with trash!
Health Care Reform from those who have a real interest in spanking clean floor and the other file projects.A lot is getting done!
Men and Woman must have their own identity with the power to be all she can be.


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