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Dumpster Dive

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 13, 2010
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This morning against all odds, I set the alarm for an unseemly early hour just after dawn. I got up made a fresh French press of strong coffee and dressed quickly. Since I stay up late, into the wee hours, seeing dawns early light is distinctly different. I am reading myself for a group study in July where I will get up with the group at 4 or 4:30. I have to take baby steps toward the goal of being ready to rise and shine. I strive as well to be comfortable, mentally, emotionally and physically and ready to work with the group. A small step is to wake up today at 8:00 instead of 10:30 or 11!
Let the insight begin. I feel I am asking myself to dumpster dive into my heart. Dumpster dive you ask? What is this? Every business has a dumpster behind the building. The big truck comes and removes everything thrown into in once or twice a week or in the case of grocery stores, the trucks come in the ‘see saw’ hours after midnight and before the light fingers of dawn.
Many years ago when I lived in Valley Forge PA, a policeman told me a gem within the stream of another conversation about crime control, that the dumpster comes at the Dunkin Donuts between 3:30 and 4.
In the spirit of pure fun, I told three friends this bit of information. Mike Serena and another person, whose name escapes me, brought a large black trash bag to the parking lot behind the store. We arrived just after the baker emptied what was now yesterday’s product and just before the dumpster collection truck arrived! What a funny fun we had. We came back to my house and sorted the donuts crullers and other baked stuff on a large industrial aluminum-baking sheet. Arranging everything beautifully, we were able to bring the treat to my daughters’ 7th grade class.
Two or three years ago a person of interest arrived from Washington State to work on specifics of a writing project. She dressed with panache that local designers copied her creations. A young person completely unfettered by the constraints of middleclass mores; she jumped into the dumpster in the parking lot of the most famous local store for the organic community. She dug out very gourmet stuff. Dumpster diving into your own rich layers of deliciousness is important at each time of transition in your life. I am going through a transition too. It is coming to terms with getting my worldly needs met. I feel that I am invisible and disrespected because I show interest and caring. I have been told to open my heart and trust by my practice but I feel my heart is breaking. The little joy I have has dried up and I am thirsty for Trust and Truth. I am surrounded by people going through their own traumas. Here in California people go walking in their own lives like walking on marshmallows that are on the clouds being pushed by the wind. I have no one to turn to but myself. My quiet times of deep meditation serve to bring me peace but not with three dimensional people. A man at the event I attended for the Electronic Freedom Foundation this evening wanted to walk me to the BART station. We had a nice conversation and he is a funny atheist! He owns the word Reality in one of the ways you can own a word in the digital computer version of ‘on and off’. I have to jump in with both feet and scratch around to move the garbage and pick out the diamonds. Love Hurts!

Take a chance, take the step toward what you are looking for. Know beyond any doubt, that you want essentially, and must want to search and reach this unearthing dumpster dive into your heart now. It is really different when you and I have a helping hand. Reach out to me, reach across the miles and reach toward the possibility of breaking the chrysalis (cocoon)

Alternation of generations: A general feature of the life cycle of many plants, characterized by the occurrence of different reproductive forms that often have very different overall body patterns.

Imago: Adult form of an insect that develops from a larva and often has wings.
Larva: Immature form (wormlike in insects; fishlike in amphibians) of a metamorphic animal that develops from the embryo and is very different from the adult.

Molting: Shedding of the outer layer of an animal, as occurs during growth of insect larvae.
Pupa: A stage in the metamorphosis of an insect during which its tissues are completely reorganized to take on their adult shape.
Incomplete metamorphosis involves only three stages, known as egg, nymph, and adult. When the fertilized egg of an insect hatches, for example, an organism appears that looks something like the adult but is smaller in size. In many cases, winged insects have not yet developed their wings, and they are still sexually immature. In this form, the insect is known as a nymph.

Eventually, the nymph reaches a stage of maturity at which it loses its outer skin (it molts) and takes on the appearance of an adult. These stages can be seen in a grasshopper, for example, which hatches from its egg as a nymph and then passes through a series of moltings before becoming a mature adult.

A butterfly chrysalis (cocoon).
Read more: Metamorphosis – body, water, process, life, plants, form, energy, primary, change, Forms of metamorphosis


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