Rewiring the System

When The Shrimp Jump Over The Moon

The Russian mafia makes the Italian Families look like grade school children! I suggest the politicos among my blog followers read Nabokov’s, When The Shrimp Jump Over The Moon. Nabokov died a very long time ago… the world and its criminals are vastly tougher and more vicious now. The premise of this Nabokov story is a family trying to get a Piano! Yes, Big Father has a stick in both hands more now than yester year! I watch International News, ( ),the Arabian TV station regularly on my cable service. Aljazeera was popularized by the movie Control Room, ( ),which actually airs the President Of Russia’s’ speeches! So many Americans are intellectually Myopic!
I was a functioning Journalist way back when I believed in the individual affecting politics, and can attest to the reality of this films portrayal of life within the communication hub. It is a barbed wire surrounding information with razors cutting the ‘coming and going’, the ‘from and to’ whatever the Super Powers with the Big Bombs direct!
At this point everyone is a lackey! If you think you are holier than thou because you are a right thinking liberal or a left of neo con tea bagger you miss the point! You are just wasting your energy!
Will the Oklahoma Vigilantes regroup? Are they thinking they will reform politics for the ‘little guy’? Give me a break! Will you even make a dent in the no longer mass-market production of the political Hummer? The Californian Governor might have re-figured one or two of his Hummer engines to use McDonald’s frying oil but it is just one or another symbol of our dysfunction in a country and a world which has become ungovernable. The Banking Bail Out is the Big Red Flag. To blame one sector or a particular religion is yet another smoke screen to get you focused on the effects rather than the causes!

There was a time way back when I gave a dam when I worked for the good guys and floated like cream to the top of my local river. Noticed by both the Republican and Democratic state Movers I was packaged and put on the ballot and became a minor elected official. Gosh, I hope my record of that time has been ex-sponged!
I stepped on the moving pavement behind the closed doors, which gave me a seat in the rooms you just hear about. I sat as close to the stability of the structural walls as I could and kept my mouth shut. The numbers game and the manipulation of facts were done with the stroke of the royal sepulchral aplomb. There were never any imagined or real repercussions. Gerrymandering is an example of the surface calm. It is an idea for the public to put energy into, while under all the machinations, where the real power lies, only one way is the right way.

You and I will not change this unless we change ourselves from the inside out. Meditation and creating the great silence of inner peace is the only real use of our time and energy. In this silence we will be drawn to one another to form a true spiritual family. This group, motivated by ‘Love One Another’ will unite and use Heart energy. It will be more powerful yet completely different from the electrical current, which marks our modern world. The paradigm change must grow out of truth and knowledge that does not come from a communication system that is as lightning bolts held in the Etruscan Charioteer’s iron grip. Father Russia, Mother America or the Union of European States is no different from each other and are in fact interchangeable. Remember the prostitute who got herself elected just to show the impotence of politics! I delight in Jeff Koons making great ‘dirty’ art out of each of the characters! Long Live Jeff Koons. I went to the big opening show on Broadway for a story I wrote about how sexy she was and how interesting a crystal dildo looks glistening in the sunlight!

I need some new furniture! Bring on the Political minions to materialize what I need rather than what I want. I have work as hard and harder than the family and friends in the Nabokov Novel!


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