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Pelvis Neutral

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Meditation for Those Who Do Not Meditate
I Tried to Told Ya!
This afternoon I went forth into Light. It was just the sort of sunny day to sit in sidewalk cafe and do some people watching. It was a lovely way to wake up! I had to do some serious rewriting because the editing, done last year, turned my writing into something that did not reflect my message or my intention. It is hard work to write and rewrite until it is readable and conducive in providing a service. Writing is Work!
I was not sitting near the electric plug so asked the man in that corner if he would mind plugging in my computer. The gentle man somehow struck up a conversation. He was kind and not full of himself. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was writing about meditation. He asked me ‘what is your hook?’ ‘Meditation for people who do not believe in god is not special because you can meditate and not believe in god, so what is it that is the real value?’
He told me he was a dancer. It would not matter his occupation since so many people are grappling with the concept of a divinity with the onslaught of news about the misbehavior of religious leaders’ right up to the Pope himself. What sort of leadership says moral integrity while behaving without either? What is there to believe in when social morays lack foundation?
I was told that most people never relate meditation, any meditation to believing in god!
Meditation in the beginning, the middle and the end is about focusing on the breath. He is a dancer so he knows about pelvis neutral and how just being in that physical position affected his focus and breathing. To express himself creatively, using all his artistic passions, he stands and moved with his organs perfectly balanced on his pelvic floor. Working out at a ballet bar regularly to stretch, is what made it possible for all the beautiful movement in dance performance.
Sitting in meditation is just like working on the ballet bar. It is a time to focus on one thing and do it willingly with the full knowledge that the result will be magnificent.
I sit quietly by habit in the morning after a cup of water and some caffeine, in one form or the other. I focus on my breath. Air goes in my nose and goes out my mouth. I contact a place where there are no thoughts or feelings. No list of do’s and don’ts.
When I come home, I shut the door drop the house keys in their basket, wash my hands and go sit and practice my contact with the immaterial using my breathing in and out. This is the way I keep contact with what is important.
The dancer is right in saying that believing in a super being is not a primary criterion for a meditation practice.
But, having the right body position makes all the difference in how you feel and think. Practice Pelvic Neutral!

Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor has two inherently conflicting functions: One is to close the pelvic and abdominal cavities and bear the load of the visceral organs, the other is to control the openings of the rectum and urogenital organs that pierce the pelvic floor and make it weaker. To achieve both these tasks, the pelvic floor is composed of several overlapping sheets of muscles and connective tissues.
The pelvic diaphragm is composed of the levator ani and the coccygeus muscle. These arises between the symphysis and the ischial spine and converges on the coccyx and the anococcygeal ligament which spans between the tip of the coccyx and the anal hiatus. This leaves a slit for the anal and urogenital openings. Because of the width of the genital aperture, which is wider in females, a second closing mechanism is required. The urogenital diaphragm consists mainly of the deep transverse perineal which arises from the inferior ischial and pubic rami and extends to the urogential hiatus. The urogenital diaphragm is reinforced posteriorly by the superficial transverse perineal.
The external anal and urethral sphincters close the anus and the urethra. The former is surrounded by the bulbospongiosus which narrows the vaginal introitus in females and surrounds the corpus spongiosum in males. Ischiocavernosus squeezes blood into the corpus cavernosum penis and clitoridis.


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