Rewiring the System

News Info-ntertainment

This article does not seem correct and does not correspond to my actual attendance at a Town Meeting.
I got dressed in my very quiet soft olive silk long skirt suit very classy zipper up jacket and ferrigamos’ and went to one of those horrid town meetings about health care in Alameda County. It was very edifying since I heard and watched everything first hand. The assistant to the Senator came up to me after the rally and thanked me for bringing my quiet calm to the event. She gave me her card in the event I wanted to talk with her about anything. Even the special agents dressed as police came up to me, smiled and said some nice things. The ‘tea’ people both inside the room and outside milling on the sidewalk were funded by the Laroche people. The placards were crude and piled on the table. The printers mark at the bottom on the reverse had the Laroche mark in an elongated oval. I do not know if this was a one time funding or a general funding practice. I can only say what I saw that one late morning and early afternoon in Alameda. The Tea Party People, both men and woman, were very loud and very unmannered. There was no dialog possible. Not one of the rabble at the county court house who were tea were ‘middle’ aged. They were all under 40, unmannered, very angry sounding as well as rude to the Senator, Pete Stark. Stark assured the crowd that there would never be a health care plan passed. There was a retired Harvard educated Dr. sitting in the front row just ahead of my seat, who was astounded at the way the stacked house behaved. He came as I did to listen to the Senator. We both came to the court house two hours early to guarantee each of us a seat. All the people over 40 in the small sample I saw first hand were in favor of health care reform. If there was one thing that turned my thoughts to face just how ungovernable our country has become since Clinton, it was those two hours. The real horror is that the Clinton’s are back raping the worlds economies. Goldman Brothers and the banks have been a virus giving people from every stripe of politics are all getting such misinformation from the press just as any wide spread epidemic! The NYT, in the above url like to this article here posted is one instance of the news entertainment. It is different than the meeting I attended and actions I saw there. Every citizen needs to take the time by just showing up in person and not rely on the “Press” … So much that is best in us is our sense of loyalty to our individuality, and our family, friends, our country, and the human race. If we lose our manners and personal dignity we cut at the very fabric of our humanity. What is left after that? Liberty, with no moral integrity is worthless and has no true value… My daughter went to the same high school that the owners of the NYT sent some of their family. I attended parties at the Hollywood home. The news has been managed and manipulated. It is no longer any resemblance to the truth. I no longer read it.. Though I liked the 1956 pictures of Elvis my girlfriend cut out for my eye candy fun moment. Elvis was my generations Michael Jackson!


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