Rewiring the System

Helmut Kohl

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 5, 2010
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I am thinking about Helmut Kohl today. As a young journalist I thrilled as I had inside information of his clandestine crossings into East Germany with packets and proposals for the Kremlin.
In my heart I was a supporter of his elections and sat up rooting for his reelection.
Some of the stories which are fit to print are on the wiki pages:

I think about him and world political perspective as I watch Greece and Euro Economy he helped to structure start to crumble. What will happen to the world economy if the Euro crashes against the Dollar.
Portugal, Italy, and Spain are both in economic trembles! Bad news for the Euro as a monetary chip. Higher interest rates will bring the Euro lower. Euro is 18% of all trade dollars.

I long for local and global leadership in the mold of Helmut Kohl.


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