Rewiring the System

The Important Relationship

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 7, 2010
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Today was a different sky, raising the grass to new heights.
A precious spiritual teacher is like this – where your edges blur on nonsense, the teacher lifts you to wisdom.
Where the mottled heart fears, the teacher awakens holy essence.
If your ego rattles your bones, the teacher brings soothing radiance.
When we have bartered with the devil, the teacher returns us to innocence.
Herein lies your shelter.
Earlier today, instead of lunch, I was thinking with my heart. Imagining the movie on my clear mental screen, I fed my infinite being with infinite Love.
I have traveled with interesting wise and wonderful people, both men and woman, through the pages of many different spiritual traditions. Each one of the teachers allowed me deeper insight into patience, respect and gratitude. I guess they are the Trilogy of all traditions, since without patience all crumbles into confusion. Without self-respect, you would not attempt the journey to wake up. What is the point to strive and learn without some self-love? Respect for the pathfinder, the leader in life means you go forward without fear of failure. With the right leader, you have a light in the forest, no bread crumbs needed. Respect breeds confidence. Confidence spins away stress and you breath easily as you fill your tummy with air. Tummy breathing has been scientifically shown to relax your nerves and remove stressful thoughts. Breathing works because it chemically releases the hold of the Tongue ganglion. This nerve center is where the historical wrongs you perceived have been inappropriately done to you are stored. We all hold on to the little wrongs with the grip of a titan! Deep full lung breathing releases the nervous hold, like unlocking a bank vault! Lastly, there is Gratitude. Gratitude to yourself is wonderful. It is wonderful to thank all the people who directed your travels, your sight and insight, to find a leader in this rocky life. In your heart you know when the right teacher finds you.


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