Rewiring the System

Nonsense on Stilts

nonsense on stilts

Today I got a very interesting email about “The whole postmodern
wave in late-twentieth-century philosophy… hasn’t helped by
producing egregious examples of nonsense on stilts,”
Great leaders, by their actions and words have incorporated their vision, which often have been considered magic by the masses. Consider the mobile phone or this internet! I mean the highly trained masses and those who partake in brain exercise and live in their forms and emotions rather than living as those few who see the path ahead seeing non linearly by using their hearts to see truth.
I remember understanding who the persons were who were not connected to the flow of One Life Force at my third birthday party. There was not one person in my family who had any telepathic resonance. Everyone around my grandmothers dining room table depended entirely on using words and movement to share ideas. More about this another Posting.

I want to thank you for asking about my health care. I had health care and doctors appointments yesterday to soften my general health so that when I go into surgery I will take care of the little aches and pains and gotten all the allergy meds etc organized.

My wanting a second opinion and actually being able to go with the better of the two doctors is a real struggle. I have to rely on a spokes person to help the transition because Though Kaiser is amazingly wonderful in my general and most of my medical care, their treatments for my big problem is One Size Fits All. The manner that the oncologist spoke to me made me understand that he thought I had no knowledge and that no dialoged was possible without elbowing his ego. I will not say his name publicly. I do not want him on my team after the initial contact and his offering me his treatments. The meeting went badly form my point of view and I was able in the meeting to say to the attending surgeon that I would not want his offer and did not want him on my team.
They are offering me treatment for a cancer that only 15 percent of woman have. I do not need all the treatments they WILL DEMAND I take.
I have never felt like a cow in a slaughter yard before but as I write this to you and think about how I am being treated and what hoops I have to jump thru. These are the struggles to jump over the mess, which I have been jumping every day for the past 2 and more weeks.
MY Face Is Red from Feeling the Care Centers pounding Feet On My Face and Heart!

Birds are singing out my window. I try and stay in the here and now as I struggle to get the system to work for me rather than against and worse molding me into a process which will only make me sicker.
The other thing I have noticed is that the ‘friends’ except one who now lives in Huston, she cannot come and make me tea or take me out for fun, and my daughter who has risen as much as she can in the trajectory of her own life building.
My Friends are all about narcissism. They are using any conversation to turn the talk about their problems. At this time I cannot shoulder self serving people. One man came over to hold my hand and peed all over my toilet down the side and all over the seat as though he was a homeless bum trying to ‘mark’ my bathroom.It took two sessions one the first evening and a second the next morning to just get the toilet back to before he came into my bathroom. He will be gently told that the toilet is broken and he will have to use the toilet in the lobby. It is just one story in a string of behavior of people who I used to call friend. I am waking up to the fact that there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who know and those who do not know. The ones who know understand that our material body and all the ‘things’ we have are for our uses and all the cells and electrons long to have our conscious thought help them progress into a higher turn of the wheel of life and living. This group who know take care of their bodies, take care of their relationships and take care of the things they are responsible for as best to their understanding. It is the understanding of the great electrical magnets OF creation that impelled cosmologists to first strive toward a mathematical explanation of the source of our material world. Listen: This is the material girl, Madonna and the Big Bang!
I remember with my young wide-eyed enthusiasm listening to the stories my Mother told me about Einstein and his second wife. My Mother seemed to think he divorced his first wife because she was so smart and could not tolerate cooperation rather than competition. They did have a lot of the same education and interests but she was marginalized. Now my daughter says that ‘Woman who Make No Trouble or Noise Never Accomplish Anything.’ She lives in a world of nearly equal footing with men while not giving up her joy in gender identification.
Back to The Second Wife: She would bring a tray of food for him to eat in his home office and if she made a sound, he would go into a rage. Do Not Disturb me with Food, I am thinking! Of course, my mother a well-healed intellectual who made her living in the stock market before the depression could do higher math in her brain and could keep up with the early cosmologists. My Mom in my entire child hood only cooked two meals for me since these activities were completely foreign. She made reservations! She would wonder verbally about what to do with me next since she had no interest in being a parent. Mother love was real and she did her best but she was a genius with a corner office and 20 or more men taking orders from her. She was the one who picked up the check at the business lunches. I saw this from my booster seat! I learned early to be quiet and enjoy the theater of communication.
My mother was never treated like a stupid cow!
The world has changed in some way where professionals seem to have a built in attitude that they have the right to give service under the heading of’ My Way or the Highway’!


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