Rewiring the System

Patch Adams

I met Patch Adams on a book tour before the wonderful film about his life with Robin Williams hit the Big Screen. He was the Smartest Man In The Room. I remember Robin William’s saying, that Patch was faster and Funnier than anything he could ever offer. When Robin said that I could see his “Blink” moment his skin delivered the whole truth that harmonized his words with respect and gratitude for what Patch Adams wanted to do with his talent. Please send him funds. Check out his Hospitol and buy his book and support his striving in every way y ou possibly can. Lets have a fundraising party in every town and send him the money. Patch is part of the paradigm change in health care that WE ALL WANT! His service to human health is total. He has used all his own resources all his medical life and in fact choose medicine in order to spear head this change.
All the clowns who work in Hospitals who make the patients and the providers happy owe much of the idea, their training and root ideas and practices to this one unsung hero of our human race. Make His Day! Support his efforts with your offerings. Love one another is his letter of the Law!

Nosing Toward 65

Don’t be left out of the collection we’re taking up for Patch’s non-retirement party! We’re off to a great start toward the goal of $65,000.for the Gesundheit! teaching center and clinic in West Virginia, and we want to make sure that your donation is included. So far there’s been an overwhelming response—over the last two days we’ve raised $13, 000 with your help. We can reach our goal with your gift of $65.

Also, don’t forget that for every $65 contribution, you get a serious Jeff Semmerling professional clown nose as a thank you! We are extending the deadline to receive your nose until 12 midnight on Patch’s Birthday, May 28. Donate more than once, and you’ll have that many more high-quality noses to share with friends and family!

Happy 65th, Patch!


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