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Hilton: Sleep in Peace

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 8, 2010
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Blond Ambition standing in a pink suit clutching a clipboard multitasking. Wanting to represent Legally Blond but without the pure heart feeling for all the people she comes in contact this Airline employee falls short. Truely Tired from deep within her bones the weariness traces drawing the lines of a life that is wearing her down, this United Airlines supervisor half listened to my question. If you are wondering why the airlines are drowning in reddish pink ink wonder no more.
Every person at the airport yesterday was too tired and underpaid and under cared for by the corporation to serve the traveler. I did not get her name but she is one of the many American workforce that is just too tired with not enough money to support a life well enough lived to make the company shine.
I stood in line awaiting my boarding pass but she sent me to another terminal a 20 minute walk away. I stood in line in that United terminal only to be told after finally arriving at the check in point, that I had to return to the building where I first arrived. I got to the airport two hours before my flight was to leave. Now the woman behind the counter told me that the plane was not accepting any more passengers. I looked at her like a deer in headlights absolutely silent!
How could this be I thought? This confusion must have registered on my face. The much more together woman at the Air Canada check in asked me what happened. I told her that there must be a computer trail of my arrival with the back and forth on her terminal. She scrolled up and down fpr a few minutes as I tried to collect myself to the facts at hand. She looked and looked and said that she would put me on the next flight which was both wonderful and terrible. It was good to get out of the airport in a plane to the destination of my choice but arriving after eleven at night was unexpected.
Here goes the life we live rather than the life we often choose.
I get to Toronto tired and feeling lost. It was just a few days ago that I underwent breast cancer surgery. The surgeon told me yesterday that I still had the anaesthetic coursing around my blood stream making my mind and body feeling the ungrounded druggy fog of not fully knowing my options at each intersection of this ego play.
I was cleared for flight by the medical profession but found my feet running the airport maze.
When I got on the airplane the check in desk attendant was very helpful and saw to it that I had a good isle seat with a very pleasant row mate who was both courteous and quiet.
The Toronto Airport I arrived in was a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. Every person was personable and cooperative. I felt like I was in a different planet more than just a different country. I was escorted to th Shuttle to my hotel and did not have to life a finger. My bags and every detail was taken care of and I moved along being pampered.
It was crystal clear that This Is Harmony in action.
Crystal greeted me at the check in desk. I told her my name and gave her my cards and identification and I was whisked off to a completely creature comfort accommodation! The Stellar employee’s real name is Crystal. Yes it is crystal clear that this person is a cut above the rest.
The Hilton Airport Hotel is Lux!
Crystal assigned me to a suite room with a view. Every detail is created with the visitor in mind. Soft teal velvety touches surround the dove gray furniture …. this is the lace to come to rest after any and every difficulty. I put down my things and picked up the phone to call the desk to let Crystal know just how happy I am with the room.
You might think that traveling and staying at a Hilton is too much like the past. So the story gets swept away at last. The Hilton is a great chain hostelry. I intend to kick back and give myself the undulating luxury for the three days of my stay in this great city.
My computer plugs into a docking station on a long table desk that loks out onto the strings of sparkling lights. This is the home away from home that you often believe exists only in your imagination.
The single king bed awaits in a beautiful room of its own.
The bathroom has a glass shower with modern square fixtures that are subtle and fictional. What a treat! The opened quality of the glass enclosed shower faces a long and wide mirror. It is light and spacious and clean.
I had a wonderful washing away of all the other memories and watched them spin down the drain as I look forward to a very deep sleep in my Hilton Home Away From Home!
Someone should give Crystal the Harvard scholarship so that she can have the power to train and serve all the weary travelers who cross her path as I did this long and tedious day. It is crystal clear that tomorrow will be transformed because of the employee Crystals’ graceous care and thoughful kindness.


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  1. Good to see you have landed comfortably after a few bumps in the road. Relax and enjoy. We’re holding down the homefront until you return. Peace.

    • thank you Tom! has serena been staying in our home? Glad to see you taking care of things. I so look forward to Lisa when I return. This time before my retreat has fostered a construction of the contents and some style. could you call lisa and make the proper inclusive connection. Canada Toronto is a major metro city that pales s.f. , san jose and certainly Oakland and berkeley! For one thing the public transportation system is cracker correct with many buses on a good schedule and one stopped right in front of the hotel. I totally recommendn this as a destination stop!

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