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Hilton: 5 star Hotel

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 10, 2010

Wondering what the difference is from one star, two star, three star, four star? Well the four star hotel has fine appointments in the rooms and soft sleeping accommodations but the real quality is in the cleanliness. This Hilton Hotel located at the Pearson Airport is clean and dust free.
I have traveled in a lot in the last few years and can tell you that several of the four or five star hotels were dusty with the covers having so much dust that i could not sleep. In fact 80% of all dust is human skin scoffed off in movement and abrasion. This room on the eight floor was clean in every way. For the many who are allergy challenged this is a real plus.The airconditioning system seems to be triple filtered so that none of the particules from the highway or the proximity to the airport comes into the room.
I decided to stay an extra day for rest and relaxation and did not go out of the room all day. Just a place to kick back and watch the out going flights across the street. It was absolutely silent in this room with a view, as I sat thinking about healing from my surgery last week and my time here in Canada.
Often when I arrive home after a trip I am exhausted because I did not sleep well on my trip. I have been here three nights and I feel rested and ready for the next leg of my adventure in Ontario.

as it has many of the extras for a very relaxing stay away from home.


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