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Hilton Hotel, Dust Free and Restful

Posted in Joy by rewiringangel on July 10, 2010
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This particular Hilton Hotel has been a good relaxing choice of places to stay when arriving at the Pearson Airport in Toronto Canada. I will have to travel to other Hiltons and compare. You readers may send in your comments too. The difference between a four star and a five star hotel is noticeable, This Hotel is spotlessly clean and dust free. The accommodations are soft and well appointed in soft gray and velvety teal but everything is dust free. Everything was unpretentious yet lovely Luxury. I travel a lot and often come back to my home very tired because of the difficulty in breathing in a not very clean room. The filtration system for the heat and cooling must be triple filtered because none of the particles from the highway and the proximity to the airport appear in the room. I sit in a silent wonder looking out a large picture window at the departing planes as I take time to think about my work and my week ahead. I want to recommend this place because as a person with dust allergies This place is a true find.
I am packed and ready to take off tomorrow but I wanted to take a moment to share this experience with my small readership.
I have been thinking about the relaxation response espoused by Herbert benson at Harvard some years ago and its importance to the paradigm shift away form confrontation in our relationships putting graciousness in its place. Gracious to everyone no matter what you are thinking or feeling is how we will change the world one person at a time. I know this is hard because some people are placed in my path who want to change me or remake me in some image that is their idea of who and what i am. It is graciousness that causes the staff to choose a room well suited to my particular condition after a short back and forth about what is available. The first person at the Hilton was Crystal who assigned me a room after just a few questions and I asked her to choose what she thought would be best. Is the genuine kindness I strive to generate from ny heart having an effect on the people and places I travel toward?
Life is going to change drastically as more and more people figure out that our soar system is in a galaxy that is being moved, all the stars together, into a new place in the indigo infinity. The song is, Change is constant! And so is this Hilton Hotel!


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