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Return Visit to the Toronto Airport Hilton

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 18, 2010
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I am waiting for the bath robe that was not in the room closet. I am in my bathing suit. I am a patient. I called the front desk asking for a robe that I might go to the pool… Why did I have to call about a stock item? I was told that room service would be called and they would be right up.

How long is “Right Up” in Hotels Speak? This is not the Double Tree or a lesser hotel in the chain where the rooms do not come with certain amenities. I used my time wisely, did some repacking and am waiting. It is more than 25 minutes since I call the front desk. I call housekeeping telling them my room number and requesting a robe. I am surprised since every room I have ever stayed in had the robe in the closet! Oooohhh the person at the other end of the line in Housekeeping says. She has a lovely lilt to her voice and the singular sound of warm hearted thoughtfulness in the sweet rhythm of her word. I am told that I would always have to request a robe. I thank her and call the front desk where the man answering the phone says that he just paged housekeeping! It is now a half hour since my first call!
This is my return visit to this very same hotel. It is very different than my first landing just over a week ago. Last week I spent three days here at the Toronto Airport Hilton.

From the check in to the room assignment every part of this stay is ‘regular’ and less accommodating or less than the Hilton ‘Standard’. I had no way of knowing that my last stay was not to be replicated. I am surprised.

My room is small but the bathroom is too small. Be forewarned when you are told that the room is remolded, remember to ask just what this means.

I cannot sit on the commode without hitting the bathroom door with my knees and I am five foot seven inch female… Every part of this bathroom is cramped into a space I would call the ‘entrance powder room size’ in a three bedroom house anywhere in this region of Canada.

Travelers stay in hotels to sleep. The beds in this establishment are all about the same and will offer me a comfortable supported nights rest.

Last week I stayed in a bathroom where I could smoothly turn around between the shower and the sink. Not so in this sixth floor room.
I feel like I am in a Film Noire 1950’s movie set with the long narrow hotel and postage size small rooms!

I wonder if this hotel has more of the closet size rooms and fewer of the rooms I had come to expect, where a person can move around without hitting a wall or a door? When I want to close the curtains I must traverse a space between the bed and the wall of about 13 inches! I cannot sit in bed and use the computer as I watch the T.V. because the computer connection is right under the T.V. screen!
Knock Knock, the lovely woman who answered the phone comes and hands me a robe. I walk over to this computer to close it and Knock Knock a man from housekeeping hands me a robe on a hanger. I promptly hang that one up in the closet! grin… I wonder if it will remain there for the next occupant of this slice sleeping space?

The robe is delivered and I am off to the pool, almost 45 minutes after the first call. By the way, the robe delivered is not the same size as the robes I had just last week! Did they shrink in the dryer?

Hilton is a wonderful chain and the people in Virginia who acquired Hilton are trying to manage the hotels as a bottom line business rather than the personal care of days past. What will be the end result? Will weary travelers put up with the lesser quality as though they had no voice? Time is the great revealer and will ell the bottom line if the organization made the right choices. I am just one small voice in the closet.


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