Rewiring the System

Day Two

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 27, 2010
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Today is the second day traveling to University Of California at San Francisco to get Radiation shot at the ‘port’ sinister side of my left breast.
Yesterday my daughter drove me to the center and met all the attendants. Today I drove myself. It was easy getting there after a simple before eleven weekday breakfast at the Sconehenge on Shattuck.
I had a troubled time on the table.
The technicians faced difficulty positioning me. I slid down the surface. The leg lift foam was covered in a shinny surface that moved on the starched steril fabric. I asked for some help to stay in one position. I was misunderstood! The professionals could not figure out how to keep me from sliding out of the correct pose. They must do 2 radiation treatments every hour for each shift every weekday. I cannot understand how they have not figured this out!

I was called from the waiting area into the room twenty minutes after my assigned appointment time. I was told it was due to the last person on the table …. well whatever the cause the staff was agitated. This had nothing to do with me. Somehow everything got off to a bad start. All I asked for was a solid position. I willingly stay in the odd position so that the equipment could do the most good.

After the treatment Xrays, I was told that my arm moved. I was made to feel like a criminal when in fact if the treatment is not positioned correctly. I could be injured in my heart, lung or ribs by the incorrect placement. I do not want that!
Why is it that the Major Breast Cancer Center has not figured out how to keep a person still on the equipment.?
I took a moment to write and deliver to her office a message about my concerns about movement of my body to the Department Head.
It was very stressful. What confidence do woman have in the variance of positioning? Should I learn to accept this and just keep quiet? I want to believe that tomorrow will be different. Should I go to my sewing box and bring some velcro?
I look forward to day three.
Before I left I suggested they get some velcro to hook my butt to the table!
It is like the movement of the moon from day into dusk. Is it the cure or the crisis. Positioning is important. I do not want the cure to bring new problems. Should I take this to be totally plausible..?? That Everything is going to work out just fine…
I hope that the staff at UCSF will know what to do!


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