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7 days

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The first day of this week, Monday 30th of August, is my seventh day back at the hospital. I am lying on my back with my arms waving up and being held tightly in the equipment directing rays. killing ambient and other cells went as an in and out event. Health, wealth and happiness will be the result of my cancer transformation. I kick off the week with a waltz in and 20 minutes later waltz out of the Therapy. It is amazing what a quick study I am in the routine. But OhOh Oh am I tired.
Sleeping is a real problem. Getting comfortable in bed seemed impossible. Last night every time I turned the moving tweaked some point of pain. My left arm and my right knee are announcing that I have injuries to my body.
My great universal gardian angel wants me to feel better. She is directing the health services to help me with these nasty little physical annoyances. I was assigned by the Head of trial research to get some naturalist treatments. Getting to have a treatment from the acupuncturist was a treat. The room was icy cold with full on airconditioner going a full throttle. It is the only icy room thought the whole center is set as cold as a meat refrigerator. Burrrrr, the next time I come to this building I will being the right clothing including a heavy scarf to wrap in. I remember just after my daughter was born, her father and I went to the Better Baby Institute in a suburb of Philadelphia. The business was selling reading and language teaching products for Infants. One of their beliefs was that learning Japanese language skills in the first few months after birth, caused the growing brain to build a better interface or corpus colasim. That membrane between the right and left sides of of the gray matter. I thought the lavish quarters of the BBI was over the top! The idea of teaching infants a terrible way of ripping the childishness for childhood. The most boastful of all the information at the Better baby Institute was that cold room are used by the NASA training centers that the future astronauts would remember information with greater clarity if their heads were very cold and their bodies were wrapped in fur and down!
I lay on the massage table thinking how much I longed for a down and fur parka like the ones I saw at the BBI and earlier at meat packing plants in the far west.

In the Osher Integrative Medicine department there are departments from Laughter Yoga, Massage and Holistic Medicine. I am a great believer in holistic approach including both Tibetan, Chinese medicine, massage, Laughter and acupuncture.
I find that there is a yes no that I have to traverse in my struggle to live as I am having the treatments. Inside I feel that I am unbalanced and it is reflected in how people treat me during my treatments. One person in charge of making sure the x-rays do not injure my heart or lungs or cause my ribs to crack is very unhappy that i commented on my slipping on the table last week. Open communication with patients is not on her time sheet. I am ok with the correct use of important peoples time and energy. The thought of coming away from radiation with more complications makes me want to hold perfectly still and have the gun pointed at just the absolutely correct place in my body. To that end I commented when the knee raiser slipped and my body slid down about an inch or so out of alignment. Today the staff and the patient had worked out the personal and scientific rumples. I value peace over confrontation! Tomorrow the Wonderful Doctor Radiation Oncologist will attend the treatment. Will I be able to survive the heat?

Today I got to eat lunch in my car in the 2 hours between my radiation appointment and the acupuncture. I had a great interview. I had no idea that I was going to get a treatment as well as a wonderful interview. It turns out that the Oriental Holistic Dr. I met today was brought into the Osher center as part of a research study brought by Yesha Dhunden, the doctor of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Is it wise to see the problems as a blessing. There is a character in Chinese that carries both meanings!
I am so tired I can hardly remember the interesting details of this day. I know it was warm when I left home and the Low Pressure rushed in and brought the temperatures diving into the high forties. Too cold to eat ice cream but just right for a hot cup of green Tea!
My daughter has a sudden migraine. It is very sad that there is so little known about the beginnings and process of this malady that drains the functionality from so many woman. I WISH I COULD LIFT HER SUFFERING.
I long to serve the healing of all beings including myself.


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