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Buzz 10 Day 15

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 8, 2010
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What day is it ?

Today I woke up late. I did not flip the alarm clock. I did not put the alarm song on my android or the iPodTouch. Somehow I have not the mental clarity to move fingers. It was good to sleep longer and deeper than the past week. I felt somewhat better and smiled at myself in the mirror.. I had freshened my hair over the long weekend so the mirror smile back at me. I have made a habit of setting aside my clothes for the next day before I turn in. Cause and effect are really important; if I want to get to the hospital I have to know what I am going to wear before I go to sleep, when I am able to put things together with more clarity. Check the weather and fit the coverings to the expected temperatures and the people I will see. I have to take care of all the details beforeI crawling under the sheets.

Today I am dressed in my fun ‘blue’ jeans. Nothing modern about this color. It is the true Ol’ Boys Blue and I love it!. These Jeans are the first and only purchase I made at Walmart. They are true blue. The sort of ‘blue’ so very dark blue denim that work man wear. My top is a super wonderful fashionista brown long sleeve very low scoop neck that is purchased from only the finest clothing shops. You can tell the quality of the top. I like myself around this one person who chooses Walmart over Nordstrom. Some flower pollen reflecting the warm gold of that certain angle of the sun’s rays dances in my mind’s eye when a message arrives. It is all thinking and feeling that expands my heart and I need this as I go through radiation.

I am dressed but not fed. I walk at a pace, with my cut skinned cantaloup in a paper cup and one of my fine flatware forks in a black flimsy plastic bag, toward my car. I open the car door and slide in on the smooth tan leather seat and put my key in the lock. Nothing happens. The car died over night! How? I need to drive to get to the doctor. A friend tried the cables thing that traditionally starts quiet cars. The cables did nothing and it seems it is not a bad battery.

I sit there is some sort of shock. It is raining difficult puzzle pieces. My invincible facade under which I am currently curled up shiver at the thought of what to do next! I started the process at 11:30 to be on time for my 12:30 appointment where I am to be on the table with my arms akimbo.

I turn the key and nothing happens! I hear some little click and a short single hiss. No turn-over, no possibility of movement. I sit there in glum sinking feeling that I will miss my treatment. I go in and call everyone I know who has a car and none of them are home or they are not answering my call. I think that I am going to have a plan that will not have me running around like a out of control person. I do not want the inside crazy feeling of loss of possibility and powerlessness. I can do something. I look for my triple A card. It was tidied by my last employee into some folder or box in complete confusion. She has given me a sound drubbing! My housekeeper finds papers in a random folder not on a shelf but labeled SMOG! He found the numbers and I made calls but no results! I had to rejoin the triple A, But what to do right now to get to the dr? It would take more than two hours each way to take a bus the BART and another bus was too much to ask of me this day. I feel taking the bus route needs preparation that leaves enough time to make it stresslessly (new word).

I go online and look up Enterprise rental and make the call. I am connected to the closest store and find myself picked up in about 25 minutes after our conversation. I have a reservation for a car that is not indicated for my physical condition. The head manager overheard my conversation about getting to the hospital. He seemed like a regional sort of powerful being in a well cut gray suit and blue shirt and tie. Very striking kind eyes look at me and he asks a few questions about my needs and reservation. Then he says that he will give me an upgrade for a fraction of the actual cost. I am grateful. It was the first grand magic of my morning. I manage to drive a long comfortable gray elephant in exotic vigor into the city.
I have arranged to have this car for at least 3 days while I try to get a fix on my sweet 17 year old golden Honda special edition charger. I get an easy parking place. It was hard to shoulder the up and down of change in expectations but I managed.

The doctor waited to see me first and the operators of the radiation machine fit me in to their busy schedule. I felt cared for by the hospital staff.

My 12:30 session started after 3:30 and am just finished my treatment. It is after 5. I got home just before 7! What a long stressful complicted heavy day and situation. Not only do I have to care for my self and work at getting rest but I have to figure out the car thing.

I am really tired. Any other stories have the back burner for now.


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  1. Wednesday August 25th 2010 was the the start of my radiation treatments. The first day of this marathon! I want to note this as I attend day after day just when it started. today I had to look at the calendar …

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