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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 13, 2010
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Stop and think, it is time to make a connection. The thought places the emphases on which word which changes the meaning. What does it mean: ‘I AM that I AM’ which is so different from ‘i am THAT i am’. One is a reflection and an example of the essence of particles in infinite movement in flow of good deeds or am I The Highly regarded ego which is central and the particles come from and back to that personal self. The Biggest Egos consider that they are not judged by their actions. Some people say a lot of things but have poor follow through.

The family is a perfect place to practice the elements of actions in relationship.

I Need to be able to face my fears or they will continue to follow and drag me down. My vice is some sort of attraction toward those who have little respect in relation to their selves and consequently to me. I will not make this difficult to understand. I no longer want to get less than flow. I will allow the good and the helpful kind thoughtful to surround me by allowing my true and natural graciousness to guide my thoughts, emotions, actions and words. It is confidence in joy in the active state of kindness, sharing and a strong grounding in the moral truth. Honor your Mother and Father. You may not know how to make a bridge because you have not been sufficiently connected to your natural animal quality of love.

I heard a man say the I Am that I Am, with the small idea of ‘that’ and a big sense of self importance.

I went to get some eggs at the market and there was just one dozen of the only sort I buy. I asked the dairy man if there were any other dozens in the back since 4 of the eggs in the carton were cracked. I asked when a new order would arrive. He tells me that the eggs I want are not ordered by the store but delivered by the farm twice a week and they, the store takes what is sent. The increments of dozens are gaged to prevent waste. I tell him I understand yet he continues as though I was going to give him an argument. I do not have an argument receptor to hook, both energy and time, to dissipate in the late afternoon. No amount of talking would get a fresh dozen of my good quality eggs delivered at this time for my use. He does not get that I have no problem with this fact. He kept telling me that there is connection I ask is there a connection? He looks at me in some sort of surprise and says,’ I will give you this last dozen at half price. When you are in the check out tell them my name and that I said to do this.’ So I am very glad. It is the natural grace of taking what comes along with the warm heart to see what the facts are and where if any movement can be used in a win win way. He got to have the last box taken away and I got to have some eggs to eat and some eggs to use for my hair and face. More about this later.
I am off to the Monday Morning Radiation. I am in a hurry to get there on time.


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