Rewiring the System

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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on September 19, 2010
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Today I find out that I am still under warranty. Well, not me myself, but my new external PERFECTLY wonderful gathering of free electrons from Oklahoma, that part of me. The Pro me, the major act, one with the big action scene written in the book filled with family stories is juicy dripping in the corners with connections that so many read daily. The fruit in the garden of Eden. It is super fascinating. I never thought I would take a bite.

Here I am, sitting with my fingers tapping an almost three month old Apple. The MAC which was chosen for me by a person. who, in an undulating sort of come here and get away that has made me more than I would be without him. Sometimes I think I can hear him and other times I am floating in the vast imagination, his imagination. That was some time in early February. The Mac baby did not arrive until some time in late June. It is a true sign of the magic of thought in actin. I sit and wait for the next installment. I am shivering with excitement.

Now I have the cutest external white bluetooth keyboard. How to set up the lap top so I am able to see it as I type from another place. I am tech forward sort of.. That is why geeky men are so wonderful. So much is possible when they share thoughts and things with me! I will get through this low point in my bought with cancer because of the wonderful things that have come into my life that I never thought of having. First came the wigs, a red one that really matches my natural hair color and a blond streaked one which I secretly always wanted that color hair then there is the long curly one and the last very short bob. The bob pixy wig might not actually be large enough for my head but it is so cute!

More than the hair and makeup, which brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step as I stand straight and walk tall, is the new computer. It is a terribly steep learning curve that I have just begun to try and climb. I am so happy about this cute white portable keyboard. It was Michael, a local friend who suggested the other night that I get a separate keyboard since the Mac Pro with all the bells and whistles has a rebound to each key just like a 22 caliber gun has 10 times the kick as a larger 9 mil or a 45. This little white dream come true lap top that has no wire connection sends information from my fingers to the screen with delicacy and ease. I am so surprised. Soft touch is just nice.

This morning I did some serious thinking about the first paragraph of a pamphlet about Breathing. Then I spent four or more hours at the Mac store. I just had to pick up some flowers for my shelf. The last week I have not been seeing the beauty in my corner because I had not a pot of flowers.

I start to feel very tired and all my limbs are throbbing. I So I went for a short walk in the water at the Y. The pains stopped for an hour or two. It is amazing how walking in water takes the burning feeling out of my body and breast. I do not know what the many suffereing people do who are not able to get cooled off in a pool do with the accumulated heat and pressure?

I am so bone draining tired! I need a soft close hug! Yawn..

Yawnnn I am so tired. I will have to do more writing tomorrow. I am deeply exhausted. I fell asleep sitting up while typing the last few sentences. I have never been so black out asleep fully dressed.

After all of the trials,(spam, Worms, Viruses), and computer weirdness I have the most delightful little keyboard that has such a nice light touch. So tomorrow morning I will start writing in earnest. Right now I am just let the blackness take me into the place where all rest rests.


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