Rewiring the System

I Died A Hundred Times

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 8, 2010

My Head High Get On Without My Guy!
I died a hundred times!
I love too much.
Life is like …..
I love this torch song!

I died a hundred times…I love too much… some day Some One will come over and show me how to use my scanner and I can post a picture of how much I looked like Amy when I was in my 20’s I could have made more of my good looks then… As it is Black that is my favorite color. Black since I am in morning for my creativity.. Yea everyone who had known me for any time at all knows this truth. Creativity … needs to be watered with Love
Not Words!

My parched physical person and personality looks forward to Mr.Really Right, No Mr. Right ‘Now’ Accepted.

I send out the positive thoughts… I go back to Black.. I wonder how many people miss the point and imagine its about race. It is not about that at all.. Heart broken and in morning for the tiny rolling up inside morning for the creativity that sparks in the union of lust and deep love…

I wonder who understands the depth and ‘gets’ me? I go back to black!


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