Rewiring the System

Pre-Friday, Weekend Joy

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 8, 2010
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Tomorrow, Friday, I am going to breakfast in a little country dinner in the middel of the farming part of Sonoma county. A lovely person is picking me up and giving me a day of relaxing and simplicity. This is a real beginning of being appreciated for who I am. I will write all about my adventure when i get home from this adventure and the walking in the pool… ahhh tomorrow!

Saturday i am invited to a lunchoen at a Golf Club in Daily City where a film that includes an interview of me talking about how much I have benefited from the support of the Friend to Friend service. This is a wonderful group of volunteers that help cancer suffers look good as a wonderful way of making it through the surgery and therapies. It is the best part of the University Of California at San Francisco Hospital Cancer Center. I am so happy to be a spokes person for their fund raising effort. The Friend to Friend has lost the major funder and needs all the help you an offer. They have given me a great gift of self esteem. When the treatments are overwhelming and I feel blue I look in the mirror and see the great wig I was given and I smile. The wig looks great and it is no effort to whisk it on and cover the multitude of effects of the treatments. Along with the wig I was given a specially coordinated bag of make up and shown how to apply it for the best effect with the minimal energy and effort. I looked wonderful that first afternoon. The ability to look good while ging through treatments makes all the difference in my mental and emotional attitude.

The psychology of positive thinking is a seed which is well watered by the staff at the friend to friend shoppe on the first floor of the cancer complex, All the products are carefully chosen to be both good looking and quality. I look forward to getting better faster with the positive reinforcements then continuing to show my gratitude by trying to help as things preset themselves.

Sunday I am going to try to think for a few hours and start filling out the rewrite on pages which have been edited by the brilliant and kind friend Pearl. I have good things to look forward to this weekend. Now I need to have some help in managing my ever growing piles of unopened mail and files of unattended important every day aspects of life. Beauty in thought and deed from the little light in my heart ….


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