Rewiring the System

Bio Sciences Day 14

Posted in application by rewiringangel on October 14, 2010

We many never know what great cures are in the minds of scientists and around their laboratories. Biological sciences primary effort is directed at saving lives. Last night I attended a lively lecture on the crisis in bringing molecules to market through the long and arduous insight, invention, testing, and the three stages of the trial process. I sat watching Walter H. Moos, Phd, talk about parts of each of the levels of the Bio Science Universe and was thinking about my situation in 1980 when my life was saved. I was saved by a drug that was not in trials. It was released to the high level well connected doctor. This doctor was in my social circle because of his intern mate after their mutual specialization.
June 1980 I died and was brought back to life by a drug only given to 29 people that year. Some day I will get real about the near death experience and the science of oxygen deprivation in the brain, but tonight I want to focus on how much living I had because of a drug that did not exist a few years before I was the lucky recipient.

How many lives were saved in the times past when medical invention was funded by the return payment from the patients of the new prescriptions.

A few months ago I was accepted in a drug trial but was randomized to participate as the other side, into the old fashioned process.

From the patients side I was told nothing about the kind or amount of radiation I was given. I was not given any information.
Information makes a difference.

Why would patients want to participate in supporting a medical system that treats them like old dumb fodder where nothing about their cases was shared. It is a medical masquerade where the flow of ideas are dismissed.

If the medical system wants funding and support the researchers, technicians, nurses and the doctors need to step out of the ridiculous ridicule of the very people who are the beneficiaries of their work.

The people at the research end of this system are really interested in having ideas and using these ideas to create new medicines that serve to heal all kinds of diseases. They are dedicated and devoted to repetitious activities that purify materials so that the fewest side effects go into the mix.

The weak chain in this link is the doctors who do not respect patients. When a question is asked not only is no information freely given but the pent up ambient emotions are focused on the sick person to make them sicker.

I want the researchers to take time to spend a day in the offices where some certain doctors are serving people with the new drugs.

Today started in my home going through and sorting magazines and doing two large loads of laundry. I had the comforter cover changed and general tidying.

At 3 o’clock I attended a training for a program that will make run off elections passe`. I will be working the polls on election day getting people to mark a card with their first, second and third choice. If one candidate does not win by 50% plus one then the candidate you mark on the voters run off card gets a second chance. The training was easy and sweet!

I went to the Y to move and grove in the water and came home bone tired. It is important to keep this scribbles thing going so hope this makes some sense.

I have used this time well in thinking about who and what to do about the verbal abuse I got publicly yesterday. A friend from my super inventive circle who are interested in the singularity and the life extension process using various modalities. He gave me cogent advice and names of who to send my writing. i am so tired today. I am transformed by his help yesterday. I just could not do anything today but as soon as I write things up I will pass them by him and let all of you know what is going to happen. .


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