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18 Big Deal Away

Posted in Joy by rewiringangel on October 18, 2010
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Reverse tension today and away from the Big Deal of the chemistry of radioactive vibrations. Some really wonderful people brought me really wonderful conversations and help. I think with a few weeks more rest I will be closer to myself than I did a month ago.
This morning my girlfriend called and wondered if I wanted to go out to lunch. She has been under the weather for different reasons… Life in the body is tough. So few people know there is a less dense world that radiates with joy and energy. ENERGY!
She asks me where I want to go and an insight of good vibes arrives in my brain like a flash, ya know when a surprise, a just right idea, comes at the right time! I suggest the Lake Chalet, right over looking Lake Merritt. It is quiet quality especially wonderful for Sunday brunch. Everything about it is elegant and delicious. I had the crab cake benedict and my friend had the lobster saffron scramble. What a wonderful way to start a dreary drizzly gray day I was going to stay in bed day.
The lunch was so large I brought half of what was on my plate home in a cute little box for tomorrow.
I had to get yumminess moving I drove right to the Y. It is a wonderful place. There is a head lifeguard who was on a short fuse so when I asked her if the pool was as cold as it was yesterday she snapped for two minutes of confrontational stuff. It is a fact of life that most often verbal garbage is not stored in the mental memory bank! I went back and mentioned that I had only asked her about the temperature of the water with no argumentative aspect at all. There was no reason for any emotional conversation. All she had to do was call the grounds director and ask what the temp of the water was today.
I am glad that I am not like that person and when I walked away from her I did not carry her with me into the water. I have a lot on my emotional plate without any more not important non person. She must be allowed to behave as though the patrons are prisoners. She will have her day at the threshold!

I get in the water and start walking I walk for 15 minutes then I do a few laps of breast stroke. I walk everyday so people smile at me. Some people have talked with me as we walk together down the lanes, but others have just watched and we share the simple smile.

Today two of the people who barely smiled at me crossed the communication threshold and became transformative.

I feel blessed. One man who practices his marshal arts kicks and struts in the walking lane along side my slow steps spoke to me today. It has been years that we barely glanced at one another. He suggested that I try and walk without my shoulders. He showed me how to hold my shoulders and arms! He showed me how Mother Gorillas run after their young. It is a marshal arts beginning move to locate the point of movement in the belly. I am amazed that this possibility has opened up for my use! It made me so happy and I started sort of running in the effort to have my muscles to remember the moves so I would be able to do it tomorrow. The younger man came to the end of the lane and deferred to the older Chinese, saying I have watched him walk and he knows more than I do.

At that point the older man spoke to me. I had talked to him months ago because he has bright neon darker acid green crocks, which I said would never get lost! the shoes are a complete giggle on the gracious elegant elderly very fit man. He and I come to the Y every day. Today he gave me the benefit of his watching me. He said that I have to get out of my head and relax. He showed me a slower way to do the gorilla walk, a more balanced poised stance. Then he said the magic sentences. He said, the movement was a heart meditation where easy breathing with my mouth shut would give me music to dance to the step. He suggested I use the Chinese phrase for gratitude for a long life. He told me not to think about things and Just Be Happy!

My burned breast is 93% back to normal color. I have a nice invitation to look forward to and in the mean time I get to walk in water with lovely people.

Making contact and talking takes time. Reaching out to me was a long process. Now that I have been going to the Y every day to heal my injured being and body I am allowing people to know me by just showing up!

When I applied to join the Actors Equity Union during the strike way back in the clouds of time past, on the door of the office was posted a strip of paper.
It was a saying of Woody Allan: All it takes to be successful is Just Showing Up. That made such an impression on my mind. Today at the pool is yet again another living example in the truth of Woodies! Relax and enjoy myself and just show up! Life is loving me at long last! I open my heart to myself and let the goodness, love and light in.


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