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Saturday, Raining Weary 23 Day Reverse Review

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 23, 2010
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Astrology, which I almost never think about comes to the fore front of my thinking this afternoon. The Sun enters Scorpio today. It is my birthday month. There were some years, in fact most years when my birthday, let alone the month, went by uneventfully.

I was born under the passionate sign of Scorpio and have marveled at how more of my feeling nature is available to me.  I look out at the world and wonder how most other people manage to get through a day, let alone a lifetime with out the natural caring for self and others that is the largest part of a passionate life.

I do not mean hot emotions or cold reactions I mean a depth of meaning in my heart which understands he material world since I am a material girl! Time is the stage and space is the place.

Of all that’s been written about Scorpio over the years, an unfair portion of it has been worded to portray those born under this Sun sign as downright intimidating. It’s as if simply getting to know me requires superhuman courage and a fully armed bodyguard!  What a bunch of Huuiee! I know people have these feelings since the research doctor told me that the oncologist did not give me any information about what she was doing, the process or the effects, because, says the research director, “perhaps she was afraid of me?” I ask the researcher directly if she is afraid of me and she tells me she is fearless. She does not say anything about  my being a patient and deserving respect no matter what personal hatter colors the interpersonal functioning. I believe that doctors who use the words ‘afraid of the patient’ are suspect.

In my entire life I have never encountered a medical relationship as I am having at this time. Saying that they are afraid takes the conversation off the actual process of healing my condition and on to something that means the doctors need psychiatric help.  Give me a break! Get professional and stop the emotional dance. What is going on?

It’s true that I as a  Scorpio  am not for the faint of heart.  I desire to be known and to know people for who and what they are.  I am not shallow, and I won’t be manipulated with tributaries and dendrites. I am living as all being as a function of the blue light wave in the suns spectrum. The motion in my body reacts just like a flower by using my motor cells just above my pelvis. I use emotional chemistry propelled by my search for beauty. I believe in Peace THROUGH Beauty.  Just like Bucky Fuller says the more beautiful a design is the more correct it is.

In the flower kingdom the motor cells are specialized in pumping potassium ions which they get from the soil. The potassium flows into nearby tissues, changing their turgor pressure, that means their stiffness…. The segment flexes because the motor cells at the shadow side elongate due to a turgor rise.  Thank you Leonardo da Vinci!

Is this why Elvis Presley liked Banana and Peanut Butter rolled sandwiches so much. The potassium gave him the vigor and stability to roll with the rocks of life in the lime light?


As a Scorpio, I will never settle for less than what I really want. This might mean I have nothing, but I would rather have the empty space to fill with the right person, place or thing.  In my mind, doing so would equate with giving up — and that’s simply not within my realm of thought. I relax and watch and listen for the hints and particles of the seeds of delight.

Even when I am not on a mission, I am still sniffing out clues, ready for analysis since I never stop digging for answers in search of intimacy, information and insight. Each person is a mystery and an invitation.  What’s below the surface is simply irresistible to me.
Be assured that I will never cease to amaze, astound and startle you. Just when you think you’ve got me all figured out — although you likely stopped laboring under that illusion shortly after you met , I promise to say or do something that will cause you to find me even more fascinating. I am loyal to a fault and perfectly willing to walk through fire for you … so please don’t play games with my emotions.
This  Scorpio’s love lasts forever! If I make a place for you in my heart that place remains available as your warm room filled with caring and kindness.

I am still physically ill and at this very moment feel feverish. Is it from thinking and writing or is it that I am dressed and put together an apple and egg custard bread pudding that leaves me dead tired?  I just feel so weary and dull. For my birthday I want people to speak nicely to me, all the doctors to behave professionally and share the real facts and information about my condition and how long this is going to go on and on and I want a warm hug.


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