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29 Mostly Resting

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 28, 2010
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I have ‘slept in’ today. I went to the lobby of my building in my p-jammies and robe to get my flu shot! How funny is this image .

I have never walked the halls in sleep wear! I am about to get dresed to go to the Hospital yet again. This time is for an accupuncture treatment which I really believe will lower the swelling in my arm and leg as it reorganizes my energy. I really will do almost anything to get my self back.  I know that everyone who has been touched by radiation and other therapies have gone through what I am feeling right now.  I was told yesterday that I expect too much from myself but perhaps that is part of who I am.

I expect to see the big picture and make a path of the parts which is the way to help myself and use this love to help and serve other. I strive for leadership excellence. Being a leader has at least three common elements: a vision that unifies teams, precise and accurate perception of opportunities and challenges, and sound decision making.

I am learning to see the good qualities that draw people toward me for my thoughts on choices they are about to make while I practice great self care.

A Buddhist teacher I know has a conversation going with some of her students about the various levels of the path which the Buddha wrote as he traveled through his life. The path he took started with the basic quality which I would call Loving oneself so that you can know what it means to love others. There is the middle path that Buddha took when he was secure in his understanding of Love. What the Buddha wrote about Love is worded differently but is exactly the same as the Sermon On The Mount in the Bible by Matthew.  Turning your cheek is the reaction you have when you have the wider vision  so you can walk on the razor edge between the choices.  The highest path described by the Buddha is where everything in life represents a teaching. It is where every detail every instant represents the possibility of opening up and turning on the light in your heart.

Just because I can talk about the path does not mean I do not have a lot to learn at each level. Self care might be basic but I have to relearn this turn on the spiral.

Today I am not beating myself up because I am spending the entire day resting. I am falling in love with loving myself with the deep grace and graciousness I try to show to every human being.  I have compassion for those people who are so angry or ill in various ways who are not able to let the humming love that is sent form my heart traveling along with the invisible Loving energy that makes up every aspect of our world.

I am looking forward to my next relaxing breath! One deep breath at a time.

One day just over a week ago when I was at a really low point both physically and emotionally an 84 year old Kung Fu master who walks in water most days at the Y spoke to me. He showed me how to breath. He said the mantra when I breath is : Long Health Life Blessing.  He said these words in chinese after telling me in English.  He says that deep breathing gives the person a long healthy life. Long Life Breath!  It is a grand simplicity that is beautiful. Life will figure itself out if I just breath and relax.  He also showed me how Gorilla Mothers run after their young ones. It is a hoot this breath and imagine myself a Gorilla! Fun that is funny always works for this woman!

It is time for me to get up and washed and out the door across the bridge to the acupuncturist. I am taking one deep breath after another since I am really ready to heal and have a great sexy life.  smile….



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  1. Dawn Kirk said,

    Ilsa, Although we’ve never met face to face, I love your writing and this piece and I so savor and appreciate your being a practitioner of the common good. I think that’s how you put it. Blessings and yes, keep breathing.

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