Rewiring the System


According to the world english dictionary, advocacy  is defined as”active support, especially of a cause”. The Law Dictionary by Merian Webster   defines  advocacy,   as the action of Advocating, pleading for,

or supporting a case, cause or proposal.  Advocacy

for patients with neurological disorders is a crutcial activity

for the American   Academy of Neurology.


They have to care enough about their Patients as well as all the patients in the medical beehive where they are practicing. In between the work is where the real work happens.  There is no billing code for, ‘I advocated for my patients today.’  It actually matters to both the professionals and the patients as well as the quality of the culture in the buildings which builds the reputation in the community and out through the movements of people to all the places where they congregate and converse. For the quality of the institution, the DOCTORS voice counts actually has a great deal of credibility. . To be fair I have to find the faculty staff director and tell him the story of how badly I have been treated and list all the strange comments and so that the director can see for a fact what is going on to people who were glamorized by the UCSF reputation and now are really suffering and not getting minimal services and no information. What should I do?  Should I be, who the wonderful woman wants me to be?  She who gives quality treatments, conversation and healthy boundaries both professional and personal) at the Osher center wants me to be and give my time and energy to a place which is not living the service of caring medical treatment.

I was given a name. You all who have read the partials of my story can write to him on my behalf. I am truly still trying to rest enough to let the radiation effects pass out of my body.

I want to take care of my self and make my choice about this group of medical fiefdoms in the next few weeks. Anyone who wants a list of actual sentences spoken to me by doctors and share these with the Master of the System? You have my support and permission.

My daughter tried to speak for me when I was LABLED a person who takes code 3 pain drugs , not As Needed.. No I am not a criminal and have not had real medical attention or care. I have not had my three questions answered.  Why ?  I donoo because I am not so special other than I have little cash.

If I am not treated medically properly, then there are others who have the same situation but have become accustomed to the not good care.  I was told today by a genuinely interested medical professional that what is missing from my medical plan is CARE! I need to get medical care. You can find this man at the web site or

or GOOGLE .com

Mark Laret

I have been told I should tell my story of bad service terrible customer relations and just bad medicine. I just want to take care of myself now. It takes energy to write a good enough letter/  So send me a copy of whatever you send him.

the doctor today was shocked as I spun out the treatments I got and the complete lack of information. I need your help.

Mark Laret

He is interested in how the health customer is being treated.  Let these words roll over your tongue.  Why is there an office with a director, a person to look over health customer rather than health patient.

I am exhausted after typing this.  I start again at 6:30 am to find my way to get the beginning of care for my edema. I am sure that If I made any statement to UCSF I would be treated like a victim. I want to take care of myself first and let your notes and some other hell burner brander take care of the persons who have allowed themselves to treat me badly.

The little groups of doctors, they call their group Colleagues, are in a wagon circle which will not tollerate my comments. I have been told bad medicine. given badly written prescriptions and blamed for the doctors mistakes.

My friends say I entered a soap opera.  Plato says they are just shadows on a stage.

I do not have the right pain medicines and the way that doctors spoke to me about my requests for information and medicines are all unlike any doctor I had at another hospital system here in California or at any of the systems I used on the east coast. My treatment is terrifying!

“Don’t ever get so big or important that you can not hear and listen to every other person.”
-John Coltrane


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