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It Is An Elvis Sort of Pre-Birthday

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on October 31, 2010
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It is now or never sort of sadness fills me on the edge of indecision. On one side is the here and now and on the slip on the edge sends me into a shivering unknown. I have to get dressed and go out therefore I do not have more time than this instant to share the song in my head:

I am loopy from the radiation and need to find my firm footing before long. My long time friends who are living in Boston called this morning to wish me all the fun I could fine!  They are going to creepy Salem Mass. for the witches parties.  Uck, the vibe in Salem was more than I could tollerate in the day light back when I was traveling up that area after coming home from my painting show at the University of Maine at Orino. I am glad I am here in sunny though chilly coastal California.


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  1. yea! Elvis was a great soul brother with a wonderful voice who suffered from his handlers and the terrors of fame. He read the writing of Nicholas Roerich! That is heavy weight serious self introspection sort of cosmology. Elvis had a big brain! hugs from his voice to my achy breaky heart…. Angel Care is working!

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