Rewiring the System

Midday Mellowness

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 1, 2010
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I can feel the slow reentry into life. I find my walking into the cancer surgery and bounding into the radiation was the way in. I am reversing the process by walking out and away from this process.  Though I have complications because improper attention to the details of what is medically needed care. Though I did not get proper care, I am moving on and away from that process.  I am allowing whatever inner and operatic outer emotions to settle then move off in another hall way as I choose to walk out of that Hospital and into the arms of care and balance. I am letting the grist and gristmill take the meandering moving mud and mush to the dump.

I met a very kind ‘breast cancer survivor’ who shared this path. She said with the greatest care and kindness that I should Smile, Smile more, as I carefully return to life a little at a time. Return to some of the life I had and reform so that I return to a newly created life of harmony and shared service. I feel the need for shared service to be a clue so I can create the balance I lost. Illness or disease is the effect of being out of balance. I might take up certain exercises some time soon. I am feeling the urges sprinkled with her kindness sprout.  It is all about me.  After all the undue stress and duress I have shouldered the past three months experiences that are and where undue pushing and pounding by other resistance, I am agonizing over who and where I should go and who should I become. I need time and attention to recover. Every Human Being Needs People To Hold one another in their hands with their opened hearts which will flow to and fro free electrons to heal and lift the unbalanced being.  I am now unbalanced and I need to find really fine quality loving attention.  smile  Come to me, Let me put my arms around you baby don’t you see I am no good without you….

As Beige Beings our malleable lacking unlash-able color, the lack of variation corrals all tightly alike: Perfect in our concerned nosiness wether the watched one washes. We’re all kindred. Lick my pheromones and make me smile all the way into real Loving kindness sometimes presents and implies a sort of challenge to develop this awareness of kindness or commonality on an inside stirred sand and soil Emotional tornado.

Then some one ‘the Tough’ will demand a physical level because there is a real joy for that type in touching and disturbing, rather than allowing it to settle in grace that can be entered together..  So many people cannot understand that Heart and loving attention is a potent choice, they need to remain an Intellectual Concepts.  Hard lines and hard ideas crack at the least cross current while loving attention always finds it way toward making the whole better than the sum of its parts.  One and one can become three with a third person created out of the shared trust each person gives openly to the other. Harmony Is My Thought for this Day, My Birthday, My Day, if only to myself. Yes I can! Come call and share birthday thoughts and things.


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