Rewiring the System

Is Silence Agreement?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 2, 2010
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Evil Is Just a Few Good Men Doing NOTHING. You and I have to maintain or loose our values.  YA KNOW the milk container is sour and slightly toward the bunchy curdles stage  from the farm fresh to the time to make glue.  OR  Just like a grain or grass field left alone with no attention in a series of seasons over a year the garden turns to weed and wild.

We have to maintain and enjoy our everyday life. I want to have the interest to clear my mind and stay in that clarity. I want to build a life that is richer because I LOVE MY NEIGHBOR.  What we each do each minute every day as individuals, families, groups, towns, cities , states and nations is so vital. I am important in the world and so are you. I know this is a glittering generality. And I do not know more about how you should live your life, but I should be able to make balanced, kind choices in my own mind and heart. Planting the seed of true gracious delight in being sliver and interactions is a great start. My cancer is allowing me to water these seeds

TODAY I HAD A HOME MADE GRILLED BERGER AND A CEASER SALAD for breakfast at the best burger place across the street from the new catholic church that is oddly atomic-al The pool guy takes me out to talk and have a few laughs. Then I dash off to the hospital to have my lymph system worked on and my arm and leg wrapped to control the swelling. I could feel the fluids moving out of the painful pockets and out to drain where ever the masseuse pushed the stuff

You have an intention? The thing that is very important to create is the intention,I have two books in my mind waiting to dance on pages I have seven years research.  I feel the flow of thought turning into type and it makes  me See it as an image to be described for others to be–seen or felt, heard, touched, even tasted. After assembling the structure then is the time to dwell on images of future accomplishment using as many of your interior senses as you can. What are my interior building parts.

Soon you will find yourself sponsored by your image, activated by it, to the point that you will have the passion and the purpose to do something about it.What’s more, life itself will have a passion for you. You will be a cocreator. I am the creator of my world.

I have more to say But I am so ddreary tired.  Of to dee- slee0′


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