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Weary But Well

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 3, 2010
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Sure, I am still very weary but the Adderall gives me enough clarity to have worked at the election polls center just three blocks form my apartment.  I am passionate about politics. I am feeling the flow of glow and it is wonderful.

The most important part of leadership is excellence of character working with consistant thoughts of commitment to focus on what is right. The Get It Right Guarantee!

It is exhausting to the body politic and our individual bodies to shoulder bags of stress. Why time takes its time to traverse the tarmac, HUH?  I feel the strain and I am very aware of my personal internal factions. My birthday wish yesterday was to grow this year to discriminate the real from the unreal. I wish to be guided by a inner understanding of discrimination.  What is lasting and sincere and what is just a short delight expressing desires that close me off from the real reason I am alive, living simply though alone. I must ‘Discriminate’, while holding my thoughts, my consciousness in my heart at every moment when I am with people, I carry myself into the event, and enjoy the sharp choice.

When I am by myself, I have to separate the true connection to the moving energy by making decisions about what I see, feel, think, and act.  I am undulating as a sensuous woman who moves ever closer to the integrity which is my most powerful brilliance.  Inside light shines outside light.  This is the light in my heart that I want to bond with a man who has the light seed sequentially spinning so important to both bodies and hearts, We choose one another.

Being in love does not speculate about the non arrival of gifts or allowing some propensity that rolls toward one another. I must rather than  those non balanced flutters, ask for the helping hand so that together we can say our creativeness erupts marshaling more energy to come together closer to the Heart Centered Ideal.

I am hoping that the leadership and zeal is in my most inner core is willing to leave safeness aside. The magnetism comes in this gravest coiling and all electrical energy is held in duality not dangerous to ourselves or to others but is the energy for a truly creative life. The secret does not demand safe.

I Pulse more closely to the timing of waves of undulations that bring focus on my return to the resinous that is inside myself . Now I recall that which is Sirius.  My silver star come nest in my being.  There is a transformation to delight in the love of the external malleable while thinking into the dance all the necessary particles so that against all odds the light gets to lead and use the led.     As I find myself with an unraveling old tennis racket lobbing frozen clorox with cartoon droplets and bonks at hearts to inspire the source and the process. I need kindness and creativity and I need it now.  It becomes teaching in rather dampened sameness where safeness has a way of becoming less  action from inside toward out where information edifies rather than awakening.

In the morning after this good night I want to have a cup of steamy dring delivered because of the union built on touch built on trust. We have the enormous challenge of skin against skin. Shall I ever neet him?

In my way,  beware of the possible internal factions glittering to reject that ‘once’ in the lifetime Arch Angel. The force who says that the culture and times both are a stage for the events where we will make a huge difference. I want to touch that light in the other and be touched in the central place of peace.  The container for the lighted coupling exists and is ready to be occupied in the container to hold hearts entwined.  This is not a flabby formula but a halo shimmering in a web that calls the individual toward a harmony. I want to be touched the way of going on together On and On and In and On so that lesser men have only drag where I have gravity. Come play In the sand washed by the eternal wave..

Indeed the cancer is gone. I have to go into life with the joy and energy of glory and magnetism. Come to me Let me put My arms around You, Don’t you see I can’t go on without this heart light lighting my path. One day I will be informed by the psychic. Be a gental Man first… good


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  1. jodie said,

    sometimes it is through grief that we find what really matters… the joining with a soul that resonates with you is yearned for my many but few call for it to come into being… put this wish forward this new moon, let the universe fully realise your wish and let it nurture you with its bountiful blessings…

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