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Don’t Think Too Much Two

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 4, 2010
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I wake up early and restart my spiritual engine.  My falling out of synchronistic step, that rhythm, with the forces of nature may be in abeyance for today. I wake up and go to my meditation chair and sit to say hello to the light in my heart.   The Two months of searing stress, about my breast, some how derailed my meditation practice. I have to remember that I am more than my body.  The past few months have been so focused on the form that I have disconnected in some mindless thinking which really means some strange form of forgetfulness of the true self . I am some spark of consciousness which has chosen to attract using a magnetic warmth all the material I need for my living classroom.

Walking along with my pool friends I see clearly the attractive electronic connective-ness. There is an affinity and grouping of genuinely nice people who cometo this place and smile at one another. We have that understanding about taking care of our bodies but not thinking about everything while in the water. I am, and they are, clearly a caring spark of energy. This warm-hearted quality brings each of us together to smile at one another. We get other people to smile back. It is not a waste of energy to look out into the human family and relax together.  Sometimes several of us share a kind word. One Pool Friend actually has offered to help me get back and forth to doctors appointments. This is a real blessing for me since I have been driving an hour each way for over two months and I still have various treatments to care for my secondary infections and bodily reactions to the treatments.  This is a great place to make new connections.

I am getting dressed after a nice long shower and ask a question about my oversized earrings to a woman using an adjacent locker. My pool friend Tom said that they were so very 1970′ and made me look 20 years younger. That made me laugh a lot at myself since there was no possible truth in earrings taking years off my age. I am feeling like I will not put the earrings on again when I leave the building. I hold one earring up and ask her what she things. Phyllis says they are very Iconic! We laugh. I feel the general good feeling of honest talking with fun and funniness mixed together without bringing folly into either of our lives.

I was so happy to have voted for some people in the local and national election and as is said in New York, I been there and got the T shirt. I put on my Jerry Brown T shirt and completed the outfit by bringing out a pair of earring I wore more than 15 years ago. It is amazing that after all the moves I have made in the last 15 years that a funny item such as the earrings form college have managed to trail along and be here now! I hold the earring up to my head and move over to the mirror and look at the large silver circles and decide that they embarrass me. I don’t think I will wear them for anything but costume dress up. I want the Winning T shirt to be the most attractive part of my cloths.

I am off to the city to get another edema treatment as well as some one way stretch covering to give gentle pressure on my surface and allow the fluids to drain properly through my lymph system.


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