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I Am Not Feeling Well: Low Frequency Radio Waves

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 7, 2010
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Which ‘I’ is not feeling well today?  I wonder as I feel my energy wain and flow back and forth. Energy and the vortices swirl, since today, a big sun spot exploded, which sent energy, but not plasma Earth ward.

Was ‘it’ this, the sun spots, what caused the bank computers to crash? Today I stopped at the bank to check my account balance I find that I cannot access my account with the ATM or inside with a Teller or with the Bank Manager! A man walks by as I am talking to the Manager telling us both that he was just down the street at another bank and that their computer systems are all down too.  I was informed that the large number of predicted Sun spots would cause massive communication breaks in the coming cycle. Is todays local Bank Event a predictor of what is yet to come? Were there other financial communication crisis around the country and the world that are being kept under wraps and not communicated to prevent wide spread emotional disaster.

Our sun is gearing up for the high point of sun spot activity in the twenty two year cycle. There are eleven years of lowered activity then the cycle reverses toward more explosive activity. The various space agencies have been gearing up for the expected electrical communication breaks and crashes.  If all digital ‘on – off’ is flowing with the forces of our finite ideas of form, then expanding to include the massive influx of solar particles overwhelms the system.  The energy seems not to be the sort that we can see on the polar areas of our globe.

Today we are dusted with the sort of electrical magnetic polarity that shocks our nervous systems and especially my nervous system.   A lot of people might not be aware of the solar spots as the powerful force in Nature that they are. I am a powerful force of nature.  My vortices spinning the energy around this stagnant moment in the flow from some source to this current center. ‘I’ am a sort of stopping point for the energy flow to migrate toward and around.  I have life because of the star around which Earth travels in a year. It is a syncopated rhythm within the bending of space.

Rules, These Are My Rules:

Respect My Choices and Respect What I Need. Only Say What You Are Going To Do . Live Life With Me. Do Not Boss Or Push Me Around. Live To The Fullest And Have Fun.


Space Weather Report: Active sunspot 1121 has just unleashed one of the brightest x-ray solar flares in several years, an M5.4-class eruption at 15:36 UT on Nov. 6th. Radiation from the flare created a wave of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere that altered the propagation of low-frequency radio waves.  There was, however, no bright CME (plasma cloud) hurled in our direction, so the event is unlikely to produce auroras in the nights ahead.

Which ‘I’ is not feeling well?  I keep wondering about my body as a habit. This idea of self or who am I, is especially in the forefront of my mind now that I am struggling with my cancer unbalance. The fact that my body is so tired, which is a complete lack of physical energy, is affecting my creativity.  I feel glad to have the actual problem to wake me up to the fact that I am a different quality than my form. I have been in prison.

Today I was reading about my consensual habit of Ilsa Body Mind History.  I was in the court yard of my apartment building passing an afternoon reading when the one other person in the central garden started talking. He has written a few books on South American Politics. One thing in our conversation led to another and he asked me If I could say what God is?  I say that God is the biggest idea of the infinit possibility that the human brain can construct. I am troubled by the ideas of self. God is some varient of the idea of self.  The start of my difficulty are the wars fought over time over whose god is better. Is my god the good or better god than your god? I do not know if I believe in the individualization of the Abrahamic traditions. If I were a Klingon what would I hold as the great spark of creative force other than Cold Revenge?  Are the stories in our western tradition any different than vengeance Hot or Cold?   If every thing is Essential Energy, how can I understand who I am and what is this all about?  I think about this every day.  I thought about this big question since I was quite young. This question has been a motivating force in my life. It is a quest for truth. Today I know I will never understand the meaning of life by using my brain.

I feel..   I want to get close to this understanding. I want to be sensitive enough to feel truth. Will I become a different person as I live out my years in this body with the understanding of the infinite space that flows in the form and formless grandur? I want to feel the discrimination of the real from the unreal… I want to feel you.


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  1. Terriann said,

    I love sun flares disturbing all this fake, pretend, digital ridiculosity. I love that the Earth and the Sun still have the power to remind us of their magnificence in ways that we can feel. We are are so numb that we barely notice them and they are way more sexy and magnificent than any bank machine. I love them so much. I love that their power, that they do what they want and even us, the humans, have to wait for them to satisfy themselves. It’s hard for us to believe we cannot control the laws of physics, but Mother Earth is just gracious. She could wipe out bank machines any time she wants, but being a good mother, she is infinitely patient… too patient, really. I love her.

    Ms. Ilsa, you are amazing. You are a spirit that was dropped on this planet and you are so evolved that all this primitive stuff disturbs your essence. All that really matters is love. God is love. All the masters knew this. Love is all there is. The rest is just an illusion. If we could break out of this matrix, and open our eyes a little, we would all be able to tap into our higher selves at will.

    Namaste Ms. Ilsa.



    • cool… no kidding! you are so evolved! all there is is Love. so when will I see you again?

      • Terriann said,

        I’m always just a thought away, Ms. Ilsa… but you will see my face at your door on Tuesday… until then, I’m sending you telepathic high vibrations, from my heart to yours, are you getting them? Can you see my rainbow colored light shining under the crack in the door? Maybe you will catch it dancing on a dust particle, or bathing a raindrop that has settled outside your window.. And, if you’re super lucky, you can see my angels lingering outside your windows, keeping you safe… but don’t blink, they are twice as fast as they are shy, and they are terribly shy.. They are magnificent though, hand crafted perfection.

    • Each of us, as individuals, are nothing if we do not have an opened honest heart ready to be trusting and trustworthy. Intellect and knowledge go just so far. Love is a heart function. My heart is a flame with tender interest in people. The internet and Facebook is icy- on, off without touching, without the smell of pheromones, without hiding or exposing the body.

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