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The one big thing I am learning from my radiation poisoning is how important kindness is in the way we relate to one another.  I am much more sensitive to peoples feelings as they listen or respond to me and to people in my surroundings.

I have not been lucky in finding friendships. I got a not today from a digital ‘friend’ on a social network, Buzz, that finding friendships in the computer geek community is fraught with the nexus and sparks of people being more concerned with their own self and not able or interested in including an others’ self interests.  The conversation is a string about what people believe and not how are you. The beginning question was about Obama, is he a Christian or Muslim?  One person replied to my comments on the string asking what I believe. I replied: the ‘one god’ sentence applies only to whether obama is Christian or Muslim and not to any sort of deity belief in my mind and heart. I gave that up at age 8. the obama constant conversation needs to be unified as to how quote unquote godly people kill one another over my god and your god. It is a marbled mess. When my daughter was growing up for her birthday she would ask me if I believed in god and for a year we would explore the possibilities of this years query. you can ask her. One year we would NOT believe in any god and the next we would. In the end it is free electrons that are being put in mental prisons.

One Kind Hearted person changed the drift from external picture of cosmos to how I am handling the cosmos within my skin, by asking me how I am in my healing process.  This is very unusual. It feels good to be cared about genuinely asking how a person is and really listening to the answer is a potent Kindness seed, when rightly planted and watered will bring the right attitude toward our technological movement toward a global unity.

We are moving into an ear of blended borders, notionally and individually. I really believe in having this conversation to uncover what each one of us truly thinks and believes. This is important so that we are not thrown off balance and out of our minds which would bring anarchy and harm to our planet.

I do not want to get lost in the technology but want to focus on the variations of consciousness. I hope in this way to move out of my brain and think with my heart. It is a struggle to understand both for myself and my community, as I move in life and feel the sense of holding on to my origination. I am an original Ilsa and not that I am a white American copy.  I like what the Singularity is doing to pave the way along one axis of this possibility of understanding what is important in my/our humanity. There is an emerging psychology precursor of being Uploaded into the singularity that asks: what is the original and what is the copy. I am just wondering about this.  I feel in my bones that this is a good conversation. It is healthy to think about what is important to ones self. I do not want to be afraid of the future.

I see so many people who are afraid of the digital communication. They hold on to their Luddite persona. So many people do not have a computer and do not know the simplest aspects of email. They have not enjoyed Wikipedia as it opens the window to global scholarly communication. I love the global qualities of the internet, though I have little knowledge as to how the machine works and what the programs, codes, roads of the codes, algorithms, and bigger math basis of this toy, I non the less enjoy the expansion.

The patterns of  Nature and cycles of form building is interesting. I feel that looking at what we as individuals want out of our union with one another is important in creating the future. In the Star Trek TV show about this future, the singularity had an evil take over of every society it encountered. Perhaps people can only see this one side of a shared communication.

The point is that joining the conversation is very important!

I am including a few links and welcome your thoughts and ideas.  Also send your thoughts and comments to the people in these links.

AND: into this mix of hardware comes the prevailing winds of solar winds generating a lot of patterns within our current systems.  Check out this site:

Some years ago I attended a conference of the Center for the Study of Cycles. It was the year that Forbes Jr. took a chance to run for the Presidency. In a way it was like going to a high end auction because of the general excitement about what cycle was happening and what the historical record of this sort of movement back since the ancient time when the Chinese were recording the patterns of earthquakes in relation to planetary activity. Here is their web site:

They are so interesting, that if I did not have my own issues I would study this segmented patterning more devotedly. I believe that when we as a human race can see the movement of patterns in Mother Nature we will have the key to happiness and health. As long as I do not have to think all the time… Hugs and kisses are necessary and desired.  smile…. I really need more human kindness today.


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