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Do You Trust Me?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 10, 2010
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Take a look. Look me over, see the outside, my skin and hair, my eyes look up to you, and feel my inner life. The quiet of my inner life steadies my heart. Look at every facet; I will touch your heart.  I am a member of the universal Mother Earth Principle. I am the the soil and the vegetation.  As a woman I am a Queen in the minions of the grace and inner light of the Mother. I am universal Love.  If you find my magic you are a lucky person. I choose carefully.

I woke up early and got a lot done in those hours before 9. I roll out of bed while the warmth of slumber surrounds my body. I sit still in meditation. Part of the time is in deep stillness as a light beam in the flow vertically for 20 feet both above and below my factual body. The horizontal vector comes straight through my heart. I am aglow with Joy. Time has no place in the cosmic flow.  Yet Again: And Game On, Maggot!    (Ilsa, “And Game On Magot” is totally incomprehensible to me, but maybe it’s just me.)

I live in a quiet place on a quiet side of a lovely hill. The trees greet me with their majesty, address every one of my senses. I smell the verdure which fills my nostrils and lungs with strength. I am catching a whiff of stuff.

Gender is a kind of dodecahedron with the relational arms meeting in intersections of construction maker ganglion or those where affection and authentic liking. (Ilsa, this sentence also is totally incomprehensible to me.)  Men go about being attractive in some undercover way. Woman show the lovely aspects of soft and warm in a fluttering energy, like the moonlight on the still surface of the bay. Some days I just wake up and I know I am going to have a great day. I look forward to the day ahead as one of these days. I have had so much that I had to fight for in my health care and other details, including getting a parking ticket for parking on the side of the street for street sweeping. Tomorrow my day will be different. I will have a wonderful creative day. My writing means so much! The problems of today are going to hover and move out of range. I hope a special person will see, but more importantly feel my energy. We will get together on the problems and we will find answers. Heart, my Heart is a powerful dreamer.

Love Is All There IS


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  1. Uplifting post. Great track.

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