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DEVO Back In The Day

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on November 12, 2010
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Back when I gave a dam about the world I was a journalist. I wrote one of the early stories about the privatization of water from the foreign water nations Poland, Sweden, Norway  and France. Multinationals were buying up the springs at the source with as much of the surrounding land as possible. What makes standing water better than the free flowing stuff that comes out of all our faucets was bottled then resold at gazillion dollars a gallon, basically of the same stuff we can have for our regular water bill. But isn’t it just like most overly tidy people, who are basically valuing water by what it costs, in this over stuffed, throw away, wester, consumer class, unconscious, materialistic, society. Into this mix Came mass produced carbonated highly sugared liquids in the bottel taking up an entire asile of most food markets. The Aspartain replacing the horrid high fructose corn syrup mixes with any salt in the meal to actually kill brain cells mostly in the Human Caring Compassion area in the back of the skull. Coca-Cola Secret Formula was firstly a sweetened vehicle for cocaine. I remember going to the corner drug store, a preparation making sort of apothecary and purchasing a bottle of the thick brown sweet stuff for my or a family member’s cold. We never thought to mix it with seltzer but just a mile down 6th street was a coke bottling plant with high wide glass walls. I could stand with my nose at the window watching the machines trottle the bottles around their very own merry go round. Turning the bottles upside down to complete the stamped on bottle cap.

Into this mix just at the right time and in the right sort of world comes a rock band like no other. I was loving writing about this group. I called the L.A. pr group to get access to the flowerpot red hat and the Kennedy plastic wig.
All the people who read this article should figure out exactly what when where and why!  Let’s us go to this event!

The Buzz


  • When:Sat 11/13 (9PM)
  • Where:The Warfield
  • Address:982 Market Street San Francisco, CA   Map
  • Cost:$35-$100

On Saturday, November 13th, the popular band Devo, will be playing at the warfield. Devo is a well known band that formed in Akron, Ohio, in 1973. Their most well known song, “Whip It,” catapulted them into fame and cult success. Devo took its name from their concept of “de-evolution,” the idea that mankind is regressing, as their opinion of the dysfunction and group mentality of American society. Whether your an old fan or new one, come rock out to this once in a lifetime band.



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