Rewiring the System

Is It Important I Know

Is it important I ‘Know’ what you really mean? Either way I want to know. I know a few things but not too many. But I know that change is constant and Change is a Good Thing!  My favorite part of the ‘good thing’, that everyone knows, is every day real. What is wonderfully simple about change is how after all these years I no longer am 30 inches of squiggly squirmy smily little baby.

My birthday wish, just eleven days ago, was to separate the Real from the Unreal. Discrimination! I mean to understand and explain to myself the categorical variable of the density of things and thoughts in my life.  In philosophy Nothing Stands Alone.  Discrimination is an interdependence technique.

Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and the related Fisher’s linear discriminant are methods used in statisticspattern recognition and machine learning to find a linear combination of features which characterize or separate two or more classes of objects or events. The resulting combination may be used as a linear classifier, or, more commonly, for dimensionality reduction before later classification. Some of the thought bites from the SRI Lecture earlier this week built on Fisher’s Linear Discrimination and built in a reward system to help congestion as people choose to live and act in the world.

What is solid is a different question than what is real.  Everything, solid and atmospheric is made of pieces of the whole yet some parts are more sleepy than another part and some are leading the speeding.  I am Miss Muff, sitting and watching at this point of my development.

I have two good friends who love to spend time with me. They say you are fun to be with and I like spending time with you. One of these friends has a friend who speaks so wonderfully about interesting subjects.  One friend I see several times a week. We go to the Y together and support one another in sustaining our individual interest in health.  He has an injury that we work on to alleviate the pain and pressure and work around.

I am sharing my birthday wish, sending out the though that in our meditation, all of you and I can carry on the search. I remember from a very early time in my Ilsa-ness. I want to get to remember the whole Ilsa-ness.

When a guy is happily connected and in love he looks forward to the color that he comes home to at the end of a day. Love is the radiating self I want to share with a chosen radiating being who knows how to be himself as a real gentle man. It is a habit of happiness seed that I send out tonight!


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